Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Ghost (RC Investigations Book 6) by V.R. Marks Excerpt

The Ghost (RC Investigations Book 6) by V.R. Marks
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A spy presumed dead only wants his life back... the undercover bride is a surprise.

CIA officer Andrew Garner died in an ambush he plotted, taking three soldiers down with him. Or so everyone believed. After years of living under the radar without a country or a friend, he's tracked the real culprit back to Charleston, South Carolina.

Army Counter-Intelligence officer Laura Talbot signed off on the reports of Garner's death as well as his responsibility for the tragic ambush years ago. Hearing he might be alive, she travels to Charleston to confirm the rumor with her own eyes.

But it's more than a simple case of mistaken identity as Laura and Andrew must improvise and outmaneuver a team bent on killing them both.

Don't miss any of the RC Investigations romantic suspense novels from USA Today bestseller V.R. Marks: The Thief, The Witness, The Hostage, The Informant, and The Suit.


“Mr. Garner?”
He didn’t so much as twitch. He wasn’t Garner, hadn’t been for years. Today he was pretending to be one more husband desperately seeking the right purple bookends for his wife’s library.
“Mr. Garner? Sir? I believe you dropped your wallet.” Good play, but his wallet was secure behind the zipper inside his jacket. He had to make a conscious effort to stay relaxed as he felt the screws tighten. It was a mighty short list of people from his past who could have found him so quickly. A shorter list of people who’d known him by that name.
The woman speaking was gaining on his position. Same flat Midwestern inflections as the woman with the broom. Damn it. He knew better and still he’d assumed the people tailing him would’ve been mostly men. He heard the shuffle of footsteps as customers moved, felt their gazes on him.
There was a camera over the register in the center of the store. Another would be aimed at the office door. He peered over his shoulder, as the woman cut off the angle for the stairs to an upper level showroom. Her expert move, her familiar face, brought the worst possible scenario to glaring reality. Somehow Ross Carpenter had found him. Found him and contacted Army Counter-Intelligence, before Drew’s job was done.
Damn it.
There wasn’t time to worry how Ross had managed it, seeing as Charleston was hours from any of the RCI offices. No, Drew’s concern revolved around the immediate, surviving the here and now. Had Ross called in a favor or assembled a take-down team?
“Mr. Garner?”
She was directly behind him, likely holding out a wallet they both knew didn’t belong to him. If she reached out, got a hand on him at all, it was over. Anyone in her position, with her training, would be lethal in hand to hand combat, not to mention carrying a handgun. A fight meant more unwanted attention than he could afford.
“Sir?” She tapped him on the shoulder.
Hmm? Yes?” He shifted, and turning, he caught her knee with his, gaining a scant precious inch or two. Enough room to flee.

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