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Under the Silv'ry Moon (The Dreamland Series Book 2) by Judy Nickles Excerpt

Under the Silv'ry Moon (The Dreamland Series Book 2) by Judy Nickles
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Newly-widowed Trixie Collier Blake has planted her feet in her hometown of Dreamland, Arkansas. Never mind that the shadowy development corporation targeted her almost to death because she wouldn’t sell the building left to her by a grandfather she barely remembered. Never mind the second floor was once the Castle Casino frequented by none other than Al Capone. Never mind that he used the network of tunnels running under the building and around town to make bootleg liquor during Prohibition. And never mind that he’s still hanging around as evidenced by the frequent smell of cigar smoke.
With the first floor occupied by senior citizen sisters, Letha and Stella Drummond and their successful Sunshine Style Shoppe, plans for a gift shop and tea room on the second floor are almost complete. But with the grand opening of Trixie’s Treasures just around the corner, a resurgence of interest in the tunnels has Trixie spooked—and it looks like she’s being targeted again, but this time she doesn’t know why.
Meanwhile, Danny Jefferson has developed a passionate interest in and a true talent for photography. Then he and newcomer Stephanie Wallace, who plans to open a dance studio on the square, stumble on a decades-old cold case. By the time Sean Mercer, a forensic anthropologist, gets involved, Trixie is convinced once again that she’s made the wrong decision to stay in Dreamland.
But there’s Mitch Langley—a friend she can count on because he knows exactly where she is in her grief journey—and Rudy and Dee James, high school classmates who believe in the future of Dreamland. After the turbulent events surrounding the attempted take-over of the downtown for criminal purposes, Trixie has established an uneasy truce with Police Chief Doug Everton whose knowledge of her origins is as displeasing to him as it is to her.
She barely has her fledgling business off the ground when events come to an explosive climax deep in the hidden tunnels. A search for the treasure Al Capone is rumored to have left behind brings the interested parties together—and threatens Trixie’s life one more time.


Trixie felt sure Rudy’s feet didn’t touch the pavement as he crossed the street. She followed close on his heels. “Danny! What the…”
Doug Everton held up his hand. “I’ll ask the questions.”
You sound like a bad western movie,” Rudy said, his voice rising. “Danny, I brought you back here to pick up your bike, and you said you were going straight home.”
I’ll take the blame,” Stephanie said.
You’ll do more than that,” Rudy began, but Doug clamped a hand on his shoulder.
Shut up, Rudy.”
Don’t tell me to…” Rudy closed his mouth and stepped back, almost knocking Trixie over.
The first thing I want to know is how the two of you got into the Quimby Building. Obviously, you set off the alarm.”
We were trying to leave when the alarm went off,” Stephanie said. Trixie thought she actually batted her eyes at the police chief.
It didn’t go off when you went in?”
We came through the tunnel, Chief Doug,” Danny spoke up. “From the hotel.”
And of course, you knew how to unlock the door,” Trixie said under her breath.
Danny looked puzzled. “Sure, I knew, Trixie. I did it before, remember? When I got us out of the tunnel after Andy…”
Right, Danny,” she murmured. “Never mind.”
It’s all very simple,” Stephanie interrupted. “I saw Dan on his bike as I was going into the hotel, so I introduced myself and said I’d like to see the tunnels sometime.”
I’ll bet he didn’t volunteer,” Rudy muttered.
No.” She turned innocent eyes on Rudy. “I asked him to take me.”
So he did,” Doug filled in. “And that’s how you set off the alarm trying to come out of the shop.”
I knew the door locked from the inside,” Stephanie said. “I saw it this afternoon at the opening, so I was sure we could get out, and no one would even know we’d been there.” She smiled—again, Trixie thought, like a milk-sated cat. “I just didn’t know about the alarm.”
Doug looked at Rudy. “Danny’s yours,” he said.
I thought it would be okay,” Danny said, looking from Trixie to Rudy to Doug and back to Trixie. “I told her to stay straight, just like I told you, Trixie, but she didn’t.”
We don’t need to talk about that, Dan,” Stephanie said. For the first time she appeared nervous.
Danny nodded. “I told you we’d have to tell.”
Trixie held her breath. Doug Everton leaned closer to Danny. “Tell what, Danny?”
What we found in the other tunnel.”
Stephanie’s expression turned from worried to angry, but she didn’t say anything.
And just what did you find?”
Danny hesitated and then took a deep breath. “A skeleton, Chief Doug. A real one. And I saw a badge right there by it. A badge like yours.”
The chief lifted his eyes in supplication. “Oh, good lord.”
I’m not sure it was real,” Stephanie said then.
Of course it’s real,” Doug said. “Danny knows what he saw, and unfortunately, so do I.” He turned to Trixie. “I’m guessing you don’t want to press charges for breaking and entering.”
She shook her head. “But don’t do it again.”
Stephanie glared. “I wouldn’t think of it.”
So you go home,” Doug said to Danny, “and you go back to the hotel, Miss Wallace, and I don’t want to hear that either one of you said boo to anybody about this.”
I won’t tell, Chief Doug,” Danny said.
Stephanie shrugged.
I’ll take you to the hotel so you can get your bike,” Rudy said to Danny. “Then please go straight home.”
Stephanie tossed her black mane and sailed off into the night.
The same goes for the two of you,” Doug said to Rudy and Trixie. “You didn’t hear anything tonight.”
You said you know what Danny saw,” Trixie said. “I’d like to know, too.”
Chief Everton took a deep breath. “In 1940, the then police chief of Dreamland disappeared. Gene Miles had a wife and two kids and a spotless record, so everybody knew he hadn’t left by choice. Now I guess we know where he’s been all this time.”
Trixie felt her knees grow weak. “In the tunnels?” she whispered. “All these years?”
Doug nodded. “The FBI investigated, so it’s their cold case, and I’ll have to report it. They’ll come in and open things up again. It won’t be nice.”
Trixie scooted back to her vehicle while she could still depend on her legs to carry her.


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  1. Sounds like a good mystery! I've not heard of this author or the series but it sounds like something I need to check out! Any idea how many books are planned in this series?

    1. Sorry, but I'm not sure :( However, I do highly recommend her other series called the Penelope Pembroke series, if you're looking for a completed series. It has either 6 or 7 books.

  2. I read the first book in this series last week so I'll be checking this one out as well! Thanks for sharing :)


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