Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's StoryBundle? by David H. Burton

What’s StoryBundle?
by David H. Burton

StoryBundle's a bundling service, a book discovery service, and a place to support authors and charity while getting great stuff to read. We take a batch of quality books, usually around 6-9, and fit them together in a coherent package (a bundle), and offer readers the chance to name their own price for the set. Readers get to choose how much the books are worth to them, and if they pay over a certain bonus level (usually around $10), they get bonus books as well! Additionally, they even get the choice to donate part of their purchase to one of our charities we support.

StoryBundle lets readers:

  • Get quality reads cheaply - Folks can pay whatever they think the books are worth. If they only like a few of the books, that's fine, only pay for those!
  • Decide how much you want to give to authors - Readers can give as much or as little to the authors. It's their choice! Whatever is left over goes to keep StoryBundle running
  • Support a good cause - Bundle buyers can decide if they want to donate to one of our charities when they purchase
  • Find new favorite authors - Having 6-9 books in a bundle is a fantastic way to discover folks who we think you'd like. If you're a fan of one of the authors, you'll undoubtedly like the others because we curate the bundles
  • Hand-picked books - Our curators spend lots of time searching for books that go well together, meaning they're not haphazardly thrown in to fill space. If you're a fan of a certain genre (Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, etc.) you'll be sure that you'll like the books we choose
  • DRM free - We don't have DRM on any of our books, which means you can read our books on any device you choose, be it a Kindle, a smartphone, a tablet, or your laptop. And if you decide to switch from Kindle to Nook, or Nook to an iPad, all your books will be readable on your new device. Futureproof!

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