Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fearless and Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters by Laurie WJN Review

Title: Fearless & Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters
Author: Laurie WJN
Genre: Parenting
Pages: 43
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: A must for mothers of daughters.

Book Synopsis:

This book delivers a relevant and practical approach to raising strong, confident daughters, helping them become the amazing women they were meant to be. As a recreational therapist and professional educator, the author blends her personal and professional experience to guide parents and give them the tools to help their daughters embrace being both Fearless & Feminine.


I would highly recommend this book to all mothers, and soon-to-be mothers, of daughters. It's filled with great advice that will help you raise daughters that aren't obsessed with body image and are more well-rounded individuals that will live full lives.

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