Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Final Hours (Love in Time Book One) by Cate Dean Review

Title: Final Hours
Series: Love in Time Book One
Author: Cate Dean
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Pages: 334
Price: FREE
Thoughts: WOW!

Book Synopsis:

One man's death will change the future.

Only two people can save him - if they have the courage to trust each other.

Elizabeth Barritt fought hard to put her childhood behind her. Now she has the chance to move forward, to reach out for a new, exciting future. All she has to do is take the first step.

And she does - straight into Jackson Kane's path. He is a time traveler, on the hunt for a rogue agent.

When Kane is injured protecting Elizabeth from that agent, she makes a decision that will change her life, in ways she can't even begin to grasp. She takes him home.

Once he is healed enough to travel, Kane goes after the agent, chasing him back to war-torn London. But his journey back takes a sideways turn, forcing Elizabeth to make another choice. She follows him into the past, to help him stop one man from changing their future.


Wow! First of all, as American who would love to travel to London, this book immediately captured my attention. Throw in some awesome time travel and some hot guys and I couldn't put it down. Final Hours was so much more than I expected. It was an engrossing novel that was very addictive.

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