Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Q&A with Author V.R. Marks

Q: Why romantic suspense?

A: People are often surprised when they learn I'm writing romantic suspense novels. But being a man in what most people consider a woman's world feels like an honor rather than a reason to send me out for a psych evaluation.

In part it’s due to the terrific support I enjoy from my family as well as friends in publishing, but once I realized my writing 'voice' fit this genre, I've had a great time with my characters and their adventures.

To me, it's less about author gender and more about how comfortable the author is with the kind of story they want to tell. From my perspective, as a Hitchcock fan, an avid reader, and a sucker for a happy ending, it's no surprise that romantic suspense fits my storytelling style.

Q: Why did you name the diner in your fictional town the ‘Midnight Rooster’?

A: My fictional town of Haleswood, is the setting for my first three novels and it is based on Hartsville, SC, the best small town you’ve probably never heard of.

It was a happy day when the owner of the real Midnight Rooster in Hartsville, SC gave me her permission to use the name - after reading my first book, The Thief, and confirming that nothing terrible would happen in her diner.

One of Hartsville’s big draws is ‘the Rooster’, a fantastic coffee house, restaurant, and gathering spot. Students from the local schools and people all around the community love the coffee and the excellent, creative fare served in this quirky atmosphere. If you ever get to Hartsville, stop by for a treat and tell them I sent you.

Author the Author:

According to Alfred Hitchcock, "There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it." USAToday bestselling author, V.R. Marks feels the same way about writing romantic suspense. After falling in love with the suspense genre during a Hitchcock film festival, Marks combined that with a passion for writing that eventually became adventurous romantic suspense novels readers crave. Marks and his wife live under the rule of two Maine Coon cats who provide regularly scheduled breaks from the keyboard.

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  1. V.R., You write a great series. Looking forward to the next book in this series. Thank You for all the reading pleasure You have given Us. So what if Your a man, I am one also and wish I could write like You. Thanks Again, Tom


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