Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Asylum: Book 2 of the Beneath the Trap Door Series by A.A. Pencil

The Asylum: Book 2 of the Beneath the Trap Door Series by A.A. Pencil

"I am Melissa Andrews, a prisoner in this forlorn excuse for a psychiatric treatment center."


Melissa Andrews is scheduled for execution by lethal injection but wakes up in a secluded mental asylum with its own dark secrets.

When her questions are unanswered, she has no choice but to form alliances and infiltrate her captors' barriers. Little does she know that she is the center of one of the asylum's major plots.

What will she uncover about the institution and herself and will she find a way to escape before it's too late?


"You’ve had a long day, Ms. Andrews. Nurse Gallagher will help you bring your belongings to your room," he finished.

His statement was bittersweet. Yes, she wanted to get away from him and his intense interrogation, but being escorted to the bedroom with what little possessions she had only validated the troubling fact that she wasn’t leaving this dysfunctional place anytime soon.

Melissa let out a deep sigh as she thought about having to interact with Nurse Gallagher. Just the thought of her set her insides on fire and caused her to clench her jaw and fists.

If there was any chance that Melissa would cooperate with whatever this doctor had in store for her, Nurse Bernadette Gallagher viciously murdered it. It was then that Melissa made her decision. They plucked her out of a one way ticket to hell, not realizing that the Devil doesn’t like changes, especially sudden ones made by devious mortals. Someone would have to pay up, but Melissa had already determined that she had her free pass. 

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