Thursday, September 18, 2014

Eternity: An Inspirational Romance Novel by Staci Stallings Excerpt

Eternity: An Inspirational Romance Novel by Staci Stallings

Aaron Foster thought he had the perfect life until his fiancee walked out of their apartment and then back in again with his new roommate. In desperation Aaron and his best friend, Harmony Jordan, devise The Plan to save Drew's heart from getting shattered, but when The Plan succeeds beyond their wildest expectation, it could spell heartache for them all.

Harmony Jordan has loved Aaron Foster since the first minute he rescued her from a literal computer crash. The only problem is, Aaron only sees her as a friend. Trying to be content to be the person Aaron goes to when life crashes around him, Harmony puts her heart on the line for him to help him rescue his in-for-real-trouble new roommate. However, she didn’t expect for the roommate to fall for her, or for her to fall for him. Now what?

“Eternity,” a gem among Contemporary Romance novels, proves romances can be melded with inspirational books to produce something truly amazing and unexpected. Delving into and through the subject most contemporary romance books are predicated upon—free and easy sex, “Eternity” shows that romance novels don’t have to have characters hopping into bed to be romantic, fun, and entertaining. Further, it seeks to dispel the myth that all romantic relationships must start and end in the bedroom. As romance books go, it has all the romance in a clean, inspirational read that any lover of romance novels will appreciate.


Aaron’s heart constricted as he forced himself to close the door, slowly fitting it back into its frame. He stood there, hand on the doorknob fighting for every breath. Crying at this point seemed hopelessly stupid. It was obvious she had moved on. Curling and uncurling his fist, he stood there, knowing there was not one thing he could do to alter the situation he now found himself in.
He was trapped. When he turned and leaned on the door, his gaze fell to the phone. In a flash he had it in his hand, and in less than a second the other end was ringing.
“Hello?” Harmony’s voice drifted over the lines.
“It’s her,” he said in utter desperation.
“They’re downstairs.”
“Right now?”
“On my couch. They are making out on my couch!”
“Oh, no.”
“Could you give me something a little more than oh, no?”
“Yeah, that’s closer. Oh, man. What am I going to do?”
“Are you sure it’s her?”
“Okay. Of course you’re sure. Okay. Okay. Let me think. Where are you?”
“In my room.”
“Do they know you’re home?”
“No. I don’t know. I don’t think so.”
Her side went silent for a moment. “The fire escape’s on your window isn’t it?”
He looked at the window in trepidation. “Yeah, but it’s only for emergencies.”
The plan was looking better and better all the time. “But where am I supposed to go? It’s 12:30 in the morning!”
Without more than a second’s pause, her voice softened. “You could come over here.”
That stopped him. In all the time he had known her, he had never been to her place, not even once. “Your place? Are you sure?”
“You’re in trouble,” she said as if stating the case for a jury. “When a friend’s in trouble, you do whatever you have to to help them out.”
“Even this?”
She didn’t say anything for a long moment. “I think I’ll live.” Quickly she gave him the directions.
He smiled, momentarily forgetting the disaster downstairs as he wrote them down. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

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