Thursday, September 25, 2014

Interview With Author Patricia Green

I recently had a chance to sit down with author Patricia Green and get the inside scoop on what her amazing writing career.

Thank you for having me here today, Amy. It's a pleasure to meet your readers.
When did you begin writing?
My first publication was in 1967 (I was seven years old). It was a poem about Roquefort salad dressing that my teacher submitted to a children's magazine. I didn't follow that up; I was kinda busy being a kid.
In 1992, I submitted work to a popular adult-oriented publisher, and that earned me a contract. I wrote intermittently from that point, while raising my daughters, but did not submit work for publication again until 2000. That was my first eBook contract and I've been writing for publication ever since. In 2009, I went full-time.
What genres do you write?
My mainstay is contemporary erotic spanking romance, but that is supplemented with historical erotic romance, and sci-fi erotic romance. My books all are about dominant men and their feisty women. Most include spanking as a leitmotiv.
Who do you imagine you're telling a story to as you write?
I envision a reader, generally a woman around thirty years old, a wife, perhaps a mother, a woman who dreams about sweeping romance and sometimes getting her bottom spanked.
What's your latest book about?
My most recent book is Discipline Down Under. It tells the tale of dilettante-wanna-be-nature-photographer, Peg Fisk, and her Australian outback guide, Tripp Ruf. They have some adventures in the bush, and she earns herself a few spankings. It looks like everything is going to be hearts and flowers for them, until they have a disagreement over her obsession with her phone. It breaks them up, but, eventually, after a lot of soul-searching, they find their way back together.
Which authors inspire you?
In terms of romance, I've always loved Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsey. Their historical romances really make you want to keep turning the pages. And for spanking romance, I'm inspired by Maren Smith and Renee Rose. Their timeless romances and hunky heroes are very satisfying. But my favorite author of all time is Dorothy Parker. She was a woman of great intelligence, wit, and cutting humor. I can read and re-read her stuff over and over—especially her poetry.
What's your favorite book?
This year I have two, Incubus Moon by Maren Smith and Bound for Disappointment by Sheri Savill, but it's very hard to choose among so many wonderful works.
Why did you choose independent publishing?
Actually, I'm published by some really fine publishers and am only going to embark on self-publishing in October 2014. My publishers include Blushing Books and Stormy Night Publications.
My soon-to-come self-published book will be The Slave Girls and the Spy, slated to go on pre-order the first week in October.
What one piece of advice would you offer other indie authors?
Always: write more books. It has a snowball effect and when a reader likes one of your books, they'll buy them all.

About the Author

Patricia Green is a fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She hopes to provide the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. Patricia currently has more than twenty books for you to choose from.

She's married and is the mother of twins. When she's not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to crochet, read, and watch hockey.

Find out more about Patricia Green and her books at

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