Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lazar's Nemesis (Jack Lazar Series Book 6) by Kevin Sterling

Lazar's Nemesis (Jack Lazar Series Book 6) by Kevin Sterling
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Action and Suspense Have Never Been So Sexy
Readers say the Jack Lazar Series "is like James Bond meets Fifty Shades of Grey"

Jack Lazar has had a target on his back for a while now, and he didn't even know it. In fact, he thought the man behind it was dead. But the evil son of a bitch survived, albeit a little less for the wear, and he's hell bent on picking up where he left off with his demented world agenda.

His first order of business is to kill Jack Lazar, the man who foiled his plans the last two times, but not before he snares Jack and puts him through a particularly bizarre ordeal.

Fortunately, the CIA has skin in the game, and Jack finds Agent Alex Shaw on his side (that's Alex for Alexandra, thank you very much), who takes collaborating to another level. Sparks fly as they investigate the case, teeter on the edge of death, and ultimately uncover a terrifying scheme involving the world’s largest airports.

The situation ultimately hurls out of control, forcing Jack and the CIA into a no-win scenario, and they realize it’s time to make peace with their inevitable demise.

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