Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Something to Cheer About by Peggy Webb

Readers of The Language of Silence are telling me they cheered at the scene where Ellen finds her courage. Though this book takes my characters on a magical journey through waters I haven't charted before - the circus - it echoes with a theme that has become my trademark: a celebration of the sisterhood of women.

I love putting strong female characters on the page then turning them upside down with challenges and following along as they bond together to work out their problems. In The Language of Silence, I paired a tough, mystical old mountain woman, Aunt Ruth, with a battered niece, Ellen, who has nowhere to run. When she finally decides the only safe place to hide is the same circus that sheltered her grandmother, she meets another courageous woman, Magic Michelle, who trains white doves.

But the most influential female character in Ellen's life is her grandmother, Lola, who transformed herself from battered wife to tiger tamer. Though Lola has been dead many years, it's her story Ellen wants to discover. Will she find strength in her grandmother's story, or will she find a secret too dark to endure?

I love the magical quality of this book. I loved weaving the back story of a dead tiger tamer and showing her through the eyes of her sister, Ruth, a woman with the gift of seeing visions. But most of all, I loved giving readers another strong sisterhood of women and giving them something to cheer about.

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