Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Pizza, the Peach, and the Platypus: Creating Your Life of Wonder by Mike Robertson

The Pizza, the Peach, and the Platypus: Creating Your Life of Wonder by Mike Robertson
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If your life were a story, would it be a good read? If you're unsure, Mike Robertson reminds you that you are the author of this story and that it is never too late to write a better life for yourself. The Pizza, the Peach & the Platypus is a charming book about creativity and the benefits it can bring to every aspect of your life. Robertson uses entertaining, true personal stories from his own life to illustrate many of the possible changes that can enrich your life, too. With a simple, three-part formula, you will learn how to use your own innate abilities to become more creative, to solve problems in novel ways, to live a much happier, exciting life. Never stodgy or academic, The Pizza, the Peach & the Platypus is a fun read that will motivate and equip the reader to achieve new heights in business, relationships and even in personal health.


It’s the most beloved movie of all time, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. A young girl named Dorothy is growing up in flat, dusty, sepia-toned Kansas. Her life is stuck in a black-and-white rut. Told to find somewhere she won’t get into any trouble, Dorothy wonders if there really is such a place…perhaps over the rainbow?
She runs away. But her journey is cut short by a phony fortune teller who convinces her to go back home. There’s a storm coming.
Back home, she seeks shelter inside the farmhouse. The tornado shatters the window frame, knocking Dorothy unconscious. Her home whooshes up into the tornado, spinning, until it comes to rest with a thud.
Tentatively, Dorothy makes her way to the door of the house, slowly opening it.
She is in another world. A world of bright colors and ruby slippers and talking trees and wicked witches.
The vision of Munchkinland is awe-inspiring. Her black-and-white world is gone, replaced by a Technicolor wonderland.
 Is that how you remember it?
My experience was a bit different.
When I was a kid, I had one chance per year to see The Wizard of Oz. CBS showed it, usually around the holidays, and families would gather to watch.
Each year, I watched as Dorothy opened the door of her farmhouse and stepped into awe. I was awe-struck, too.
There’s just one thing.
We had a black-and-white television.
When Dorothy opened that door, I saw the giant flowers, the Lullaby League, the Lollipop Guild…and I thought it was magnificent.
I didn’t know there was more.
That’s one of the most important thoughts I’ve ever had. Most people go through life’s ups and downs, thinking, “This is okay. It’s a good life. I’m lucky.”
It never enters their mind that perhaps they’re only seeing the black-and-white version. You can enjoy life and have wonderful experiences and still miss out on this all-important fact:
There’s Technicolor.
I thought Oz was great, fine, perfect…but I had never seen the full spectrum. Once I did, I began wondering what else I was missing out on.
That’s the question: if your life up to now was just black and white, what might the Technicolor version be like?
I can tell you.
It’s amazing, hilarious, enchanting and thrilling.
And you can see it for yourself.

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