Saturday, October 11, 2014

Good Books and Good Friends: Guest Post by Peggy Webb

One of the best things about being a writer is forming friendships that endure. Some of my fans who started out as mere acquaintances who love reading are now good friends. And some of the writers I'd meet once or twice a year at conferences are now among my very best friends.

In Risky Brides, a fabulous collection of novels and novellas that will heat up your fall, I get to team with writers who, through the years, have become great friends. One of the earliest of those is Donna Fletcher. I've been writing for nearly thirty years, and she's been one of my good pals almost since the beginning. Before I met her I would never have imagined that this proper Mississippi church lady who sings in the choir would have so much in common with a historical writer from New Jersey, who is as lively as her red hair. Our friendship goes far beyond what we do (write); it hinges on who we are. Donna is generous, compassionate, loyal, courageous and as curious about the universe as I am. And she writes really great historical novels!

Vicki Hinze came into my life through our mutual writer friend, Debra Webb. Educated, fearless, staunch, practical, generous and as opinionated as I am, Vicki is one of my first go-to friends when I want good, sound advice. Her novels are as fearless as she is. No subject is too tough for Vicki to tackle.

It was Vicki who brought Kathy Carmichael into my circle of friends. Kathy is a petite dynamo, one of those lovely "listening" friends who is chock-full of compassion and common sense. Like me, Kathy has this quirky sense of humor that shows in her writing. Prepare for belly laughs with her novella in Risky Brides.

Rita Herron came into my friendship circle via Deb and an earlier boxed set. We haven't yet had time to build a lot of moments that we can later recall over a shared bowl of popcorn, but I know we will. She's elegant and quiet, but her books will knock your socks off.

This is my first "dance" with Kimberly Llewellyn and Tara Randel, but if Vicki says they are excellent women and excellent writers, that's good enough for me. I look forward to getting to know them better. And then come the new kids on the block, Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes. I love that we are introducing a fabulous new writing team to readers. I love that several years from now I might be on the phone with Piper or Jay laughing over something silly my dogs did or telling one of those great "remember when" stories.

Oh, it's such FUN to bring this collection to you. My novella, Elvis and the Buried Brides, has never before been published. You can only get it in this box set. The set will be up for limited time, long enough for you to enjoy and tell all your friends. It's just one of the ways my writer friends and I can say "Thank you" to our loyal fans.

Preorder now or mark your calendars for October 21st, pub day! We know you will love this collection, and we hope you will post reviews.


  1. Becoming friends with you, Peggy, is one of the delights in my life. You make me howl with laughter, even when I'm at my lowest. And having stories by so many dear friends joined together in this boxed set is sure to translate as fun for readers :)

    Thank you my friend!

  2. I'm so excited to be in the collection with you. Having great friends, and making new friends, makes life so very special.


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