Saturday, October 4, 2014

Let’s have a sausage-fest!!! Guest Post by Ashlyn Chase

You all know what a sausage-fest is don’t you? Well, let’s assume you do.

Whether you like your hero’s sausage described in detail or only hinted at in euphemism, every hero’s got one! Got 3 heroes? You’ve got a sausage-fest!

In Gods Gone Wild by Ashlyn Chase, Dalton Diaz and Terry Spear—the Greek Gods are a triple threat! Actually, it’s more like a triple treat!

This book began as a short novella by Ashlyn Chase called Oh My God…published by an obscure British epub in 2009. It was nominated for 3 awards. See? A triple threat. An agent judged one of those contests and wanted Ashlyn to expand the story into a full novel. She believed it would sell to a NY publisher if all went according to plan. Well…some stories can be expanded that far and some can’t.

Ashlyn enlisted the help of her dear friend and sometimes writing partner Dalton Diaz. Together, they hatched an idea that would double the fun. Two Gods. Best friends and partners in mayhem taunt the wrong Goddess until she blows a whole new volcanic island off Hawaii. Zeus had been planning a tryst with a Victoria Secret model on Maui that weekend and he is not amused. He intends to teach the errant Gods a lesson they won’t forget, but he has to catch them first! That’s where the fun and adventure begins.

Moral of the story? Well, the story isn’t a very moral one, in fact—it isn’t supposed to be. Its erotic comedy, and as you’ve probably noticed, all is fair in love and comedy! I’ll just share the tag line that’s too inappropriate to list on any sale page… It’s never a good idea to cock-block Zeus! The big, bad, God seems to think he’s a sausage-fest all by himself.

Now if that isn’t enough fun for you, we included a bonus story by USA Today bestseller Terry Spear. In her story Goddess in Training, Hera, the Goddess of Marriage, wants to teach her errant husband Zeus a lesson of her own.

They make a bet, enlisting the talents of Assarian, the demi-god of pleasure. He is to teach a virginal librarian that mortals and immortals alike only need be physically satisfied to find fulfillment. An idea Hera disagrees with. She knows all creatures must have love to be whole, and if she wins the bet, her horn-dog husband will know it too. 

Intrigued? This book will entertain you all the way through and every time you think about it for weeks or months afterward. A fancy cup of coffee will last ten minutes and cost about the same—only $2.99.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous read - you and Dalton together - and amazingly the world still spins.

    1. LOL, Victoris! We have't pushed the worl off its axis yet, but we'll keep trying.


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