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Lucky (The Harmony Series, Book 2) by Staci Stallings Excerpt

Lucky (The Harmony Series, Book 2) by Staci Stallings

Kalin Lane had his dream in hand. Then, on the cusp of mega-stardom, Kalin’s world crashed down around him in a hail of stupid choices. Five years later, Kalin is back, reaching for his dream once again; however, time hasn’t erased his past. Will the lessons of the past be enough to save him from himself this time around?

Danae Scott thought she was headed toward the future every girl wants. However, in one night that belief is ripped into unrecognizable shreds. Devastated and confused, Danae is an anguished mess when an angel trips over her. Does this angel have the answers she didn’t even know she needed?

One man,
One woman,
One night that changes everything.

Some books are entertaining. Others challenge our faith and inspire growth. And still others touch our hearts on a deeper level. Then, there are the rare books that do all of the above. Those are the great books. Lucky by Staci Stallings is a great book. Staci has woven this love story like a fine tapestry.
– Chandra Lynn Smith,

A Contemporary Christian Romance Best Seller, LUCKY intertwines the lives of two people searching for their dreams. One lost everything, one thought she had everything. It is Christian fiction with a purpose—to teach us all that God doesn’t desire for us to stay stuck in the past or even wait for our future to start living today. Filled with believing in God’s faithfulness more than our own ability, this contemporary romance will easily fit with your collection of the most inspirational books in your library.


“Oh, so you’re going to be a teacher.” He sounded happy about that—just like everyone did.

“I guess so.” She picked up her knife and spun it end-to-end.

The awkwardness left his demeanor as he looked at her, and he leaned forward and laid his forearms on the edges of the table. “You don’t sound too thrilled about that.”

She tried to look at him, but her gaze barely touched his face before it fell back to the table. She shrugged. “It’s just one of those things I guess.”

“What things?” he asked as though he genuinely cared.

“Oh, you know,” she said, staving off the admission. “Gotta do something with your life.”

“So I take it teaching wasn’t your first choice.”

She laughed softly. “More like 73rd. Right after being shot from a cannon at the circus.”

“That good, huh?”

When she looked across the table, it took all of a second to decide that it didn’t matter if she was honest with him or not. After tonight, she would never see him again anyway. “Mom says it’ll be a good fall-back-on job. Plus, it’s not something if you quit to have a family, you can’t get back into. They always need teachers.”

The waitress brought their food, but Danae had lost a good amount of her appetite. On the other side of the table, Kalin cut into his chicken fried steak with a vengeance.

“Well, if teaching is 73rd, what’s 52nd?” he asked.

She laughed as she cut into her pancakes. “I don’t know, NASA?”

“Controller or astronaut?”

“Controller,” she said definitively. “Can you see me in a Space Shuttle?”

He smiled as he picked a forkful of mashed potatoes up. “Hey, you rode a motorcycle didn’t you?”

“True,” she said, pointing the tip of her knife at him.

“Okay, so what’s 22nd on the list?”

For a moment she scrunched her face, thinking. “I don’t know. Rock star?”

Interest descended on him. “Really?”

“Yeah, but seeing as how I don’t play anything and I can’t sing to save my life—I’m thinking that’s not going to get me very far.”

He laughed and sawed more meat off. “Okay, what’s eighth on this list of yours?”

“Eighth? Hmm…” She cut a chunk off her pancakes, took the bite, and chewed thoughtfully. She took a drink to wash that down. “How about a big city crime reporter?”

His eyebrows shot for the ceiling. “Crime? That sounds a little dangerous, don’t you think?”

“Ugh. I think it sounds exciting. You know, Perry Mason without the law books, figuring out whodunit and why. Sounds pretty cool to me.”

Kalin, however, didn’t look entirely convinced. “Well, you don’t look like the criminal stalking kind to me, so what’s number two?”

Her eating slowed as she realized that all but one slice of her pancakes was gone. She shrugged. “I’d always kind of thought about nursing.”

“Nursing? Really?” He stopped eating to gaze across at her, and her pulse jumped into her throat with the intense interest in his eyes. “So, why didn’t you do that?”

Again she shrugged as if it meant nothing to her. “Long hours, late nights away from your family. It just didn’t seem very practical.” With all the energy of a dead leaf, she cut the last two bites of her pancakes in half. However, they didn’t even look appetizing anymore. Suddenly she was very tired, to the point of wanting to fall asleep right there. She laid her fork and knife down and sat back.

“So,” he finally said after he took a drink of the soda the waitress had come to refill at some point, “that brings us to number one. You, Danae Scott, can now be anything you want to be… the world is your oyster. What is your number one?”

Her head felt like it weighed a million pounds. Her forehead started to ache even as she searched for a logical way to change the subject. She started to say something and then shook her head in annoyance.

“What?” he asked, his voice and eating utensils falling on the word.

The edge of her finger traced down her glass. She glanced up at him. “Promise you won’t laugh.”

“I promise,” he said with no hint of hesitation.

She looked down and then back over at him. Once again she told herself that this would be the only time she would ever see him in her life, and she asked herself what possible harm could there be in just telling him? “A doctor,” she said so quietly the sounds of the truck stop drown the words out. Her gaze flitted across the other empty tables.

“What?” he asked just as softly.

She cleared her throat and leveled her gaze on him. “A doctor.”

His face registered only confusion. “Why would I laugh about that?”

Even her shrug took more energy than she had left. “Everybody else does.”

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