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A Timeswept Christmas Box Set by Eugenia Riley Excerpt

A Timeswept Christmas Box Set by Eugenia Riley
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From the Bestselling Time Travel Romance Author and Winner of the HOLT Medallion: Two Victorian Christmas romances plus a bonus Valentine’s Day romance, all in a single volume!


Cynical reporter Jason Burke embarks on a magical journey back in time to Dickens London, where he discovers the true joys of a Victorian Christmas while meeting the love of his life . . . and struggling to save her from certain death.


Nathan Fletcher realizes too late how much his bride Emily means to him--only when he learns of her death. But can a Christmas angel intervene and grant the couple one final day to rediscover the glory of their marriage?


After receiving a Victorian Valentine, Amanda Brewster turns a corner in time . . . and travels from the Strand in contemporary Galveston, Texas, to the Strand in Victorian London! There Amanda discovers a cure for her broken heart as she is wooed by a handsome, masterful earl.

A TIMESWEPT CHRISTMAS BOX SET is a tender and touching holiday romance collection, perfect to curl up with on a cold winter’s night. Approximately 80,000 words. Eugenia Riley is the renowned, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary, and time-travel romances, including the classics A TRYST IN TIME and BUSHWHACKED BRIDE. She has written for publishers including Avon, Bantam, Warner, Harlequin, and Dorchester. She has numerous romances available in Kindle. 

An Excerpt from A Timeswept Christmas Box Set by Eugenia Riley (From Book #1, A Christmas in Time):

Can he save her in time?

The night had grown bitterly cold, with a thousand bright stars glittering in the clear black skies above the sleigh. On the facing seats, Annie and Jason were the only ones left awake. They stared at each other achingly, their stark faces illuminated by the silvery light of the moon.
To Jason, it was as if no one else in the world existed but the two of them. He watched in anguish as a tear trickled down Annie’s cheek. The sight of her sorrow seemed to drive a lance deep into his very heart.
“Sweetheart, please don’t cry,” he whispered in torment.
“I’m going to break off my engagement with Stephen,” she whispered back, choking on a sob.
Jason could not help himself. Staring at her with his heart in his eyes, he said, “Darling, come here.”
Even as she was drawing back the quilts, Jason was reaching out for her, drawing her across the sleigh and onto his lap. He covered her with the quilts, cuddled her close, and then his ravenous lips took hers.
Their kiss blazed like fire in the freezing cold night. Jason devoured Annie’s mouth, possessing and savoring her. She clung to him and kissed him back with equal ardor. To Annie, the moment was pure paradise—this man was everything she had ever wanted, her destiny. She felt a part of him, as if they were truly one, inseparable. Jason, too, felt the love, the deep bond between them, and only wished he could hold her this way forever.
At last their lips parted on a sigh. He kissed away the tears on her cool cheek and slipped his gloved hand inside her cloak, pressing it to her slender waist.
“You were right about Stephen,” she said brokenly. “He is shallow. He is a cad.”
Jason felt guilt assailing him. “He is a man who feels threatened on a very basic level. He fears that another man is trying to steal his woman.”
“Are you?” she asked, lifting her brimming gaze to him.
“Oh, God, Annie, when you look at me that way . . .”
“Are you?”
A long, thorough kiss followed before he could answer. “I’m afraid I am,” he admitted at last. “And I can’t say I wouldn’t react in much the same manner as Stephen has, under similar circumstances.”
“I know why Stephen got angry tonight,” she said poignantly. “He saw the way I looked at you.”
“Oh, Annie.” Jason’s voice was agonized. “Darling, you are making the right decision about Stephen. He is wrong for you. But please do not make this about me. It mustn’t be because of me.”
“But it is,” she cried. “How can it be otherwise?”
“Annie, please, I could hurt you,” he pleaded. “I may not be able to stay here—”
“I do not care! I want to be with you now, even if I must lose you later on. I think I’m falling—”
“No, darling, don’t say it,” Jason implored. “Please, you mustn’t say it.”
But she would say it—and thus Jason silenced her the only way he could, kissing her again and again and again, until both of them were feverish with desire . . .

Copyright © 1993, 2014 by Eugenia Riley Essenmacher


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