Friday, November 21, 2014

For the Love of Romance by Regan Black

Photo by Robert Proksa
As a voracious reader there are plenty of genres that regularly call my name, from fantasy to thrillers, but no matter the genre, most of the books on my keeper shelf have some romance mixed in. Watching interactions blossom into lasting relationships through the course of a story is pure joy to me.

As the holidays approach, stories with romance, holiday spirit, and a bit of intrigue are like a trifecta of happiness. To get lost in tales crafted by my favorite authors is both an indulgence and an escape. It's a renewal and a reward to follow the journey as characters struggle through highs and lows to reach their happily ever.

Delving into my own characters day in and day out is a different kind of joy. The details of the growing relationship and what becomes vital to each character, give me delightful surprises along the way. While the writing process is a different kind of struggle as an author, the happily ever after is no less rewarding.

To me, what makes romance so very special and consistently popular with readers, is the unique perspective each author brings to the story. Though characters, settings, and seasons vary, I think the magic and joy of romance stems from the universal truth that we all want to love and be loved in return.

If you need a little heat and romance to put you in a holiday mood try The Hunk Next Door or the Heroes for the Holidays collection.

Live the adventure!

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