Friday, November 21, 2014

The Holiday Gig by Erin Brady Review

Title: The Holiday Gig
Author: Erin Brady
Genre: Holiday Romance
Pages: 291
Price: $1.49 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: A wonderful holiday romance.


From the author of Amazon bestseller, The Shopping Swap, comes a holiday story that will make you smile and believe in the magic of holiday romance.

Taylor Barnes has a dilemma. She is 32 and about to realize her dreams of making partner at her New York City high-powered law firm with a fancy office and a huge salary. She has no time for anything else in her life -least of all a boyfriend. Yet something stands in the way of her coveted promotion: Charles Wigs, family man and managing partner at Gotsall and Craig who questions whether the single Taylor Barnes can project the right image for the firm.

Not only does her own boss question her singledom, but so does her entire family back home! When an invitation to her cousin's Christmas wedding lands on her desk, Taylor must head back to Pennsylvania to face the music.

It seems as if Taylor has to convince everyone that she's got the perfect life with the
perfect boyfriend -all before the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve. But how is she to make this happen?

Taylor thinks she’s found the answer. Why not hire a temporary boyfriend to help her get through the holidays? It’s the best of both worlds and without any of the emotional baggage that comes with a real relationship. However, when handsome Hunter Ryan answers the ad for the position, Taylor finds herself with more than she bargained for. Ryan can certainly talk the talk, but does he have what it takes to walk the walk? Could he possibly cost her that coveted partnership that she has been working for since the beginning of her career? Could something that starts out as a simple employment proposition turn out to have her questioning everything she has worked so hard to achieve? Will this Holiday Gig turn Taylor's professional and personal life on its head?


Erin Brady does it again, penning another chick-lit masterpiece. The Holiday Gig is about a career woman that doesn't want to make time for silly things like the holidays until she's made partner at the law firm she works for. Unfortunately, her family and even her employee feels she needs to do otherwise. Both are concerned that she doesn't have a man in her life and that's a big problem for Charles Wigs, the family man who holds the key to her success. Thinking she's found the answer, Taylor hires a man to play the role of her boyfriend, but everything backfires and she begins to question what's really important in life.

I really enjoyed this book. I think any woman that's trying to advance her career will be able to relate with Taylor's life on some level. And, even if you can't, you'll still have a great time reading this book. It's filled with laughter, romance, and enough holiday spirit to get you through the holiday season. Grab a copy and curl up in front of the fireplace this weekend.

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