Friday, November 21, 2014

Thoughts about Being the Best We Can Be by Carrie Louise, author

I believe that we all want to be the best that we can be.
For most of us, this is a need of soul and/or a need of ego.
Wanting to prove someone right or someone wrong provides a starting place.
Proving someone right is consciously or subconsciously based on messages affirming we can be anyone we want to be.
Proving someone wrong is subconsciously aimed at those who said we'd never amount to anything.
What we’re doing about this today has as many paths as there are human beings.
A goal of wanting to connect with the material side of life gives a person one kind of strength.
A goal of wanting to connect with one’s soul-self gives a person another kind of strength.
When faced with a decision, we are often faced with opposing beliefs.
Family, religion, society, peers, and teachers all make inroads into the beliefs we carry within. These beliefs are the origins of our behavior, our goals, and ultimately our degree of success.
Weeding out the unproductive beliefs and resulting behaviors while leaving only those that are productive helps us achieve lifelong happiness and the fulfillment of our goals.
Finding positive motivation is essential. Teachers, books, and gatherings are abundant and provide more than enough choices to encourage and support the life changes we desire. Financial consideration is balanced with the outcome.

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Life, Soul Being Soul without Drama

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