Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Free Kindle Books for December 30th

The Bodyguard's Vow (Matchmaker Book 3) by Regan Black
Regularly $0.99

The Bodyguard's Vow novella is a lighthearted adventure - consider it book 2.5 in the Matchmaker series:

Good help is hard to find...

As the newest Matchmaker, Amy Campbell has the magical power to identify soulmates and smooth the path for arranged marriages between elves, werewolves, or any of the myriad creatures of myth. As Amy discovers the position isn’t all roses and happy endings, she realizes the critical need for a bodyguard to help her navigate the pitfalls and dangers.

Mac did a favor for one Matchmaker long ago, not knowing it would tie him indefinitely to the new Matchmaker. Frustrated by Amy’s inexperience with her inherent magic and her new power, he wants only to send her on her way as quickly as possible. But an ancient vow is revealed that could undermine his goal.

For lighthearted, paranormal romances set in Charleston, South Carolina that will surely leave you smiling, look for The Matchmaker's Mark and The Matchmaker's Curse.

Witchwood Estate - Going Home (bk 1) by Patti Roberts

There is something very evil lurking in the woods surrounding Witchwood Estate... Whimsical, "TV" length episodes in an ongoing series. Witches, spells, ghosts, sprites, shape-shifters, wolves and more... For all those young at heart... Equal measure of both Magic and Evil.

Alexandria Santorini learns as a child that she comes from a long line of Harvey witches. Now, as a teenager, Alexandria must say goodbye to Catnip Cottage and the Barnabys, her loving guardians for the last twelve years, and go home to Ferntree Falls to claim her inheritance. Witchwood Estate. The home where she was born and her parents were murdered. Her journey home becomes somewhat sinister, however, when she discovers that there are those who have other plans for her and her new friends…

Grab your broomstick/dustbuster out of the closet and come along for the ride!

The St. Valentine's Day Cookie Massacre by Elizabeth Crabtree
Regularly $0.99

It’s Valentine’s Day in quiet, cozy Hatter’s Cove, Florida and food columnist, Kat Archer, has been assigned the event of the year, the grand opening of Miss Dolly’s Cookie Jar and Sweets Emporium.

What begins as a run of the mill, albeit tasty, assignment turns into something much more dangerous when one of the Cookie Jar’s employees is poisoned.

Now Kat is chasing the biggest story of her life, while trying to catch the eye of her handsome editor and avoid becoming the killer’s next victim.

A cozy novella: approximately 44,000 words

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