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Holiday at Magnolia Bay (Southern Born Christmas Book 1) by Tracy Solheim

Holiday at Magnolia Bay (Southern Born Christmas Book 1) by Tracy Solheim
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After a mission goes terribly wrong, ending in the death of a teammate, Navy Seal, Drew Lanham, is forced to take a leave from active-duty. Retreating to his godmother’s beach house in coastal Magnolia Bay, Drew plans to spend the three weeks R&R licking his wounds and catching some rays while the nightmares from his failed op fade. The last thing he wants to do is mingle with the locals. What he doesn’t count on is an early morning encounter with a goddess rising from the sea. His interest is piqued and his body put on alert when he finds out that same woman may or may not be after his godmother’s money.

Marine biologist, Jenna Huntley, has been searching her whole life for a place to call home and Magnolia Bay is that place. Unfortunately, she’s underutilizing her education giving tours at the town’s turtle rescue center. With the help of an octogenarian patroness, she maps out a proposal to develop a turtle hatchery on-site. Everything is going as planned until the older woman’s godson arrives. Suddenly, nothing is as it seems and Jenna’s future is hanging in the balance, with a sexy warrior pulling all the strings. Her natural tendency is to help the damaged hero, but she’s sworn off letting military men in her life ever again.

Will Drew and Jenna be able to put their pasts behind them and learn to trust their hearts long enough to enjoy their Holiday at Magnolia Bay?

Southern Born Christmas series
Book 1: Holiday in Magnolia Bay by Tracy Solheim
Book 2: Just in Time for Christmas by Kim Boykin
Book 3: A Very Married Christmas by Erika Marks
Book 4: The Trouble with Christmas by Kaira Rouda


So we were supposed to discuss turtles. Specifically their mating habits,” he said, as his mouth moved closer to her ear. “But before we do, where do your friend Perry and his plastic fiancée fit in to all this?”
Jenna turned around so they were facing one another. His eyes saw too much, so she looked out over the ocean. “Perry was hand-picked by the board of directors—and me—to lead the project. I didn’t know about his fiancée until yesterday.”
That much was obvious.” He rubbed her bare shoulders. “Do I need to stand in for your brother and have a talk—or something else—with him?”
She smiled at the idea of him filling in for Robbie. When she was in Magnolia Bay, she felt as if her brother was there with her, but until Drew said this, she didn’t know how alone she really was. Sure, she had her circle of friends—Macy, Kristin, Miss Evie—but no one to “stand up for her”. Of course, Drew could likely kill a man with his bare hands, so “something else” really wasn’t an option either.
I’ve already done that. Besides, it wasn’t like things were ever that serious. I just didn’t like being played for a fool.”
No one would ever mistake you for a fool. Just big hearted.” He brushed his lips over her forehead. “So can we skip the turtles and move on to the part where you repay me for my show last night?”
Jenna buried her head against his chest as her cheeks flamed at the memory of his shoreline strip. The kiss hadn’t been too bad either. She couldn’t lie, she was attracted to him, but that didn’t mean she had to act on it. In spite of Miss Evie’s efforts to throw them together tonight, she wasn’t sure she could look her oldest friend in the eye after doing the wild thing with her “favorite” godson.
You know you want to,” he murmured against her skin. “I’m not promising you anything except a night of pure pleasure.”
Guys like you aren’t capable of making any promises.”

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