Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kindle Book Deals for December 20th

Avoidables 1-3 by Rachel Medhurst

Avoidables have defects ranging from looks to unexplained gifts. Some of us are half breeds. Dragons and animals were known to have bred with the human race thousands of years ago. We all live in cities, usually divided in two. The Perfects live on the Upper Side, while the Avoidables inhabit the Lower Side. We've been consumed by hate for a race that rejects us so heartlessly. We've become dangerous. All we want is the Perfects to love and respect us.

Follow Hope, Purple and Jason on their individual journeys.

Hope uncovers a great secret about herself when she meets Jason, a Perfect that brings out the best in her.

Purple tries to rescue a kidnaped Hope, but soon realises that she's in better company than they knew. When he meets Alia, he's determined not to follow his best friends footsteps in love.

Jason needs to prove himself. Avoidables view him as the Perfect mummy's boy, but he will find a way to show Hope that he is perfect for her.

'This is a bundled serial.'

Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy by Megan Crane
$0.99 or FREE for Prime Members (Regularly $2.99)

This Christmas season, Christina Grey Cooper has finally accepted that her marriage to her college sweetheart Dare is over.

So she packs up her things, leaves a note, and heads back home for Marietta, Montana in the hope that a Christmas with her family will help piece her head—if not her heart—back together.

Dare isn’t about to let the love of his life go, and who cares if that’s what he thought he wanted? He’ll do what it takes to win Christina back—even if that means suffering through Christmas with his in-laws, pretending to still be happily married for the sake of family harmony, and trying not to get caught up in all that holiday nonsense he’s never believed in…

But Christmas is magical, especially in Montana.

And if Dare has any hope of convincing Christina to give him one more chance, it’s going to be here… 

Here Comes Trouble by Kathy Carmichael
$0.99 or FREE for Prime Members (Regularly $2.99)

In the town of Littlemouth, being naughty was never so much fun.

Trouble was never so delightful!

Five incorrigible women are members of a library reader's group, The Readers Organization Uniting Book-loving Littlemouth Elites. Their nickname, TROUBLE, fits them perfectly.

There's no avoiding TROUBLE. They run every volunteer and civic organization in town and feel justified in creating chaos in pursuit of their own amusement.

The ladies now turn their hands to matchmaking. Their first project is centered on homebody Stella Goody, and wanderer Quin Gregory, who were best childhood friends. Now that Quin has returned home after a long absence, can they rebuild their friendship or will it turn into something more lasting--and romantic?

>With TROUBLE involved, all's fair in love and Littlemouth!

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