Sunday, December 28, 2014

Miss Prentiss and the Yankee by Susan Carroll Review

Title: Miss Prentiss and the Yankee
Author: Susan Carroll
Genre: Regency Romance
Pages: 177
Price: $2.99
Thoughts: Impossible to put down.

Book Synopsis:

A Regency Romance by Susan Carroll, award winning author of The Bride Finder-- Abigail Prentiss was engaged to turn the two Misses Harding from Pennsylvania into proper English ladies, acceptable to the ton. She vowed to do in spite of their brother Nathaniel and his boorish behavior. A truly superior governess would not lose her temper or become ruffled by a barbaric Yankee. Even though Nate Harding had clearly thrown down the gauntlet, Abigail was determined not to fight the revolutionary war all over again. She would be the last to admit that this handsome lusty male had already begun to breach the walls she had so carefully constructed around her heart.


Susan Carroll has the amazing ability to wrap you up in her novels. The world around you melts away as you read her vivid descriptions and excellent use of dialect. I really enjoyed this novel. It was incredibly fast-paced and impossible to put down.

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