Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shifting (Book Two) (Fated Saga Fantasy Series) by Rachel Humphrey - D'aigle

Shifting (Book Two) (Fated Saga Fantasy Series) by Rachel Humphrey - D'aigle

Acceptance does not mean surrender...

“It is three years until the doorway home reopens” – the fiery sequel to Awaken.

Life is starting over for Meghan and Colin Jacoby, and their first stop, court! Where the twin’s immediate fate will be decided: will they be allowed to live with the traveling caravan, or be kicked out and left to fend for themselves in an unknown world?

However, the twins discover they are not alone after all, when they visit a paranormal world called Grimble, a place for the ghosts and spirits of the once living, wait to finish their unfinished business. However, never before has a ghost’s unfinished business been brought into Grimble, until now.

When a long lost spirit-relative explains he will be the twin’s teacher, the transition into the magical world eases, but not for long, as a secret is revealed, which pushes the magical community’s levels of acceptance and tolerance to its peak! In addition, an emerging fire prophet, known as a Firemancer, warns, They attack you where you sleep! The seer’s words are feared to mean that an ancient enemy is arising. Although many fear it is the newcomers themselves, Meghan and Colin Jacoby, they cannot trust.

To make matters worse, Colin gets into trouble, the kind of trouble that only Meghan can get him out of… except there’s just one problem: if she cannot succeed, not only might Colin die, but her failure will put the entire magical world into peril.

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