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Alpha's Mate - Special Anniversary Extended Edition by Caryn Moya Block Excerpt

Alpha's Mate - Special Anniversary Extended Edition by Caryn Moya Block

Special Anniversary Extended Edition

Including Two Nonfiction Articles

"Why Siberia?" and "Love at First Sight, Believe in the Possibility"

Book One of the Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Series

A trip to Moscow brings Siberian lycanthrope, Dmitry Volkov, and his pack members out of hiding. He’s looking for answers to the pack’s breeding problems. But he never expected to find them in the delectable Violet Anderson. With rogue lycans causing problems in the pack, can he bring a fragile human woman home as his mate?

Wildlife photographer Violet Anderson is stopping in Moscow, before she goes on assignment to shoot the elusive Russian Gray Wolf. When she meets Dmitry at a local hotspot, the sparks fly. The animal magnetism tells her she might have just met the man of her dreams. But Violet has a couple of secrets of her own, and following a wounded animal to its lair has never been a safe thing to do.

Chapter One

Putting a Russian drug lord behind bars wasn’t part of lycan Dmitry Volkov’s to-do list on this trip to Moscow. But here he sat, with a concealed digital microphone hidden in his shirt, waiting for the drug lord Petrov and his men to show up. Ivan, a childhood friend of Dmitry and now a lieutenant with the Moscow Police Department, remained outside in an unmarked vehicle, hoping to catch Petrov in the act of selling drugs.
The nightclub was busy this evening. People laughed and glasses clinked, the loud music and noise, hard on Dmitry’s sensitive ears. He glanced across the table at his brother, Anton, and his best friend, Kolya. Anton had similar coloring to Dmitry, except the younger man had inherited their mother’s gray eyes. Kolya had lighter colored hair, having blond highlights, and his eyes were a usual amber-gold color. They each held a glass of vodka they wouldn’t drink so they could blend in with the crowd. Alcohol had no effect on lycans, and most avoided drinking the foul-smelling stuff, though a few enjoyed its smoky flavor.
So the trick is not to get shot tonight,” Dmitry said, looking specifically at his younger brother. Anton was only eighteen, an adolescent in the eyes of the pack, and this was his first trip to the big city.
Right, and why are we doing this?” Anton asked looking furtively around the room.
You’re the one who overheard the drug deal last week,” Kolya pointed out, as he swirled ice in his glass. “You’re the one who wanted to make a difference.”
That was before you talked about us getting shot,” Anton said as he raked his hand through his dark hair. “I know it’s hard to kill us, but I don’t want to come face-to-face with a bullet.”
Look, Ivan is waiting outside with his officers,” Dmitry said. “I’m wired for sound. It’s too late to back out now.” Was it a good idea to have Anton with them? A nervous lycan was a dangerous lycan. Anton was young, but his wolf could tear through a human quicker than a knife through paper. They wanted to catch the drug lord, not kill him.
Okay, I know you’re right,” Anton said, looking nervously at the front door. “Let’s hope this works.”
Dmitry checked again to see where the exits were located and the most direct route to each. Police officers were in position outside. Their sources assured them Petrov would put in an appearance tonight. Dmitry hoped to lure Petrov and his men out back before the police arrested them. He didn’t want innocents getting hurt during the bust.
The air moved as the front door opened. The energy in the room shifted, became lighter. Dmitry glanced at the woman silhouetted against the door who entered the nightclub. She brought his primal senses screaming to life. His breath caught, and heart lurched. She was small, her body slim, breasts full and tempting in a pink camisole top and matching skirt. Long mahogany hair fell to her waist. He drank in the sight of her, wanting nothing more than to look forever.
His blood heated and body ached with arousal. He wanted her. Emotions—hunger, lust, joy, confusion—crashed over him like a giant wave. His wolf spirit surged to the surface and wanted to hunt, capture, mate.
A fine sheen of sweat broke out on his body. Pulling air into his lungs, he tried to catch the fragrance that belonged to her alone. Instead, the smell of cigarette smoke, alcohol, sweat and the cologne humans used to hide it filled his lungs. He coughed as his body began to tremble. With a flash of light, the pain of claws ripped through the tips of his fingers. Thank goodness his hands were hidden under the table. The strobe lights and noise of the crowd obscured his growl. It was crucial his wolf spirit stay hidden while humans surrounded him. The shift had never come over him before without his knowledge.
Weaving between tables, the woman made her way to the edge of the dance floor. Unable to touch her physically, Dmitry’s mind reached for her. She stiffened in surprise. How did a mere human feel his telepathic touch? He pushed against the walls in her mind that kept him from her thoughts. Her defenses were strong and well built. There was no way past them unless she allowed it. She searched the crowd, trying to find who touched her this way. Dmitry stayed concealed in the shadows. For the first time in his life, unsure of his actions.
He had a job to do. Everything was set. Petrov and his men could arrive any minute. The need to possess and protect ate away at Dmitry’s control. His wolf spirit howled in challenge, demanding its mate. Could she be the one? Was she a lycan? Somehow, he must convince her to leave the club. Things could get dangerous, people could get hurt. The drug bust required his complete focus and a distraction could be deadly. Even with a lycan’s superior healing abilities they could be killed if injured severely and unable to shift. When this business with the police department was over, he’d find her. But first, he needed to touch her. He pushed his wolf spirit deep inside, and his claws retracted as his fingers became normal again.
His chair scraped across the floor when he stood, the sound drowned out by the loud music. Startled, Anton looked up and started to rise. Dmitry shook his head and motioned him down. Then Dmitry moved into the crowd, hunting her.
His body screamed at him with need, his pants so tight they hurt. All that became secondary as he stalked his prey. The bass thumped in the room like a heartbeat. The lights were low, and the strobe flashed. Moving through the crowd, his wolf spirit drove him. Without touching anyone, he drew closer and closer.
She sat at a table, sipping a soda with two other women. It was a good thing there wasn’t a man with her. Dmitry feared what his reaction would be if a male accompanied her. With surprise, he realized he was jealous. Nobody touched what was his and this woman was meant to be his, the attraction too hard to resist.
Moving to her table, he smiled his most charming smile, the one no female could resist. Her soft brown eyes sent a jolt of awareness through him. Her scent, lavender on a warm summer’s day, filled his nostrils. She was human. No trace of lycan wildness permeated her scent. As her aroma engulfed him, his body grew harder with need. He suppressed a groan and hoped his voice wouldn’t sound like a growl.
Splyashetye co mnoy … dance with me.”
Wariness clouded her eyes. Could she sense he wasn’t human? Her friends, laughing and joking, encouraged her. She looked puzzled, her mouth turned into a frown. Was she going to refuse him? Something must have warned her, she must answer yes.
It’s just a dance. I won’t bite. Are you afraid?”
Her friends laughed uneasily. Would his dare work? He held out his hand, and she allowed him to draw her from her chair. How small her hand looked in his. Electricity sparked between them. A sudden pain slammed into his chest and stole his breath. He looked down to see the golden cord of light that signified the lycan mating bond. Its circumference merely a thread, but it was there.
Leading her onto the dance floor, he pulled her into his embrace. She seemed confident, but reserved, as he drew her in. The music tempo was fast. But now with his arms around her, he needed to keep her close. He loved the feel of her skin, so soft beneath his hands. The silkiness of her hair as it brushed his face felt like a caress. He breathed in deeply, taking in her scent, memorizing its sweetness. Other dancing couples surrounded them, but no one was allowed to touch her. Moving together, they complemented each other. She was made for him. This human woman was the one, his mate. The lycan mating bond proved it.
What is your name, milaya moya?” he asked as his lips brushed her temple.
Violet.” She gave the information, her tone reluctant.
I am Dmitry,” he said, executing a turn, then returning her to his arms. “Your mate.”
She looked up in surprise. Anger, then defiance flashed in her eyes. She’d run from him, her intent was plain to see. His arms tightened around her in warning.
I will never hurt you, Violet. Don’t consider running from me. You are mine.”
No one owns me,” she answered, her eyes flashing with annoyance.
Dmitry held her carefully, not wanting to upset her further. The music changed, becoming a slow melody. She stayed relaxed in his arms, their bodies moving as one. He lifted her arms around his neck and pulled her closer. Her breasts lay flush against him. A wave of pleasure washed over him. Needing to taste her, he licked her ear lobe and nibbled her neck. She stiffened and started to pull away, but he held her tight. He rubbed his cheek against her hair, wanting his scent on her. She began to relax, the mating heat starting to affect her. Even if she wasn’t already drawn to him, she soon would be, with the mating bond working to be cemented into place.
Dmitry’s wolf spirit demanded her, and his canines lengthened. He wanted to claim her, bite her, so everyone knew she was his, but couldn’t do it here or now. This wasn’t the proper place to claim a mate. The process called for silken sheets and a comfortable mattress.
I want you to go home after this dance. I’ll come to you tomorrow,” he whispered in her ear.
She stayed quiet. Would she obey him? Was the mating heat strong enough that she wanted to please him? He must force himself to let her go. What would happen if another man approached her, could his wolf be contained? A snarl came to his lips and he pushed it down. He’d stay in control and not frighten her.
When the music ended, he reluctantly released her. Forcing his wolf down again, his canines shifted back to normal. Thankfully, the strobe hid the change. He guided her through the crowd. Sheltering her from the throng, he took her back to the table and her friends. He hated to leave her. All his instincts screamed to keep her close. This woman was his. He’d have her. But danger would arrive soon, and her safety was more important than his need.
Remember what I said. You must leave now,” Dmitry whispered in her ear, as he pulled her chair out for her.
He wanted to give her a telepathic push to obey him, but with her defenses up, all that was left was hope. So forcing himself, he turned and walked away. If she didn’t leave, he’d still find a way to protect her.
Dmitry returned to the table in the shadows where his brother and best friend waited. Conflicted at leaving her, he frowned, but his honor demanded that he help the police catch this man who preyed on the innocent and weak. Claiming his mate would have to wait until tomorrow when he could give his full attention. No matter how distasteful the notion of waiting was at the moment.
Anton, follow the women home and make sure they arrive safely. If they split up, stay with the one I danced with. Make note of her address. Keep her safe.”
What is this about, Dmitry? You know Ivan is waiting outside to make the bust,” Anton said, reluctantly getting up.
Go quickly, they’re leaving,” Dmitry directed as Violet and her two friends moved toward the exit. It was a relief to know she followed his orders to leave. She’d be safe from harm when Petrov arrived and the drug deal transpired. Sending Anton to watch out for her would alleviate Dmitry’s worry about his brother losing control as well.
I hope you know what you’re doing.” Anton moved out of the shadows to follow the women.
Kolya shoved his chair closer to Dmitry, waiting for an explanation. Dmitry’s Beta, Kolya was his second in command. They had grown up together and were as close as brothers.
Govno, Kolya, why does my timing always have to stink? Why tonight? We’ve been staking this place out for a week. But tonight, the one night I’m locked into doing something, she walks in the door.” Dmitry picked up his glass and stared into its depths.
Violet … my mate.” The one meant for him alone. His soul mate. He looked up at his friend to gauge Kolya’s reaction to this news.
You think the skinny little thing with the long corkscrew hair is your mate?” Kolya asked, looking puzzled.
I don’t think, Kolya, I know,” Dmitry said, glaring and a growl in his tone. “If you speak of her with disrespect again, I’ll rip you apart. Do you understand?”
Yes, Alpha, I understand,” Kolya said, grinning like a fool.
Dmitry glared at him, but Kolya kept smiling, even knowing his Alpha was displeased. Dmitry felt his lips twitch in amusement at his friend. Joy broke free, and Dmitry laughed. He’d found his mate. A human female was a bit of a surprise, and she was a strong telepath.
Everyone in the pack assumed the Alpha would choose someone with a wolf spirit. Since there were few women in the pack, Violet could be a good thing. Dmitry had thought he’d have to return home without any hope for his people and their breeding problems. But now, there was Violet.
Petrov and his two bodyguards walked into the room. Dmitry abandoned thoughts of his future. It was time to go to work. The three criminals were dressed in expensive black suits. The people near them edged away as if sensing danger. They reeked of the oily metallic scent of the guns hidden under their jackets. The smell was so strong, it was noticeable in the crowd. The men scanned the room, looking for their contact. Dmitry flipped the switch to signal it was time to turn on the recorder. Everything said would be caught on tape during the drug deal. Leaning forward, he turned to Kolya. “Here they are. The hunt begins.”

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