Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy New Year! Guest Post From Author Regan Black

There’s nothing like the fresh start and a wealth of possibilities at the beginning of a new year. Something about the appreciating what’s past with the anticipation of what’s to come is refreshing and empowering. 

My 2014 was amazing, launching new romantic suspense books co-written with Debra Webb, seeing our son start college, and celebrating our daughter’s engagement to her personal hero. Of course 2015 is full of potential with more books on my release schedule, a bit of travel on the horizon, and our future son-in-law’s college graduation.

I don’t typically make grand resolutions anymore but I have adopted my friend Holly Jacobs’ strategy of choosing a theme word for the year. Hers is ‘stretch’ and while I was tempted to steal that one for myself, I decided on ‘joy’. I want to maintain my joy in the writing hours as well as the big and little joys of each moment with family and friends.

When I was growing up my parents hosted the annual New Year’s Eve bash for their circle of friends. The family event was one of the clearest examples of joy in my childhood. I can’t recall a year when I didn’t have fun. There were things for everyone to do, fabulous buffets full of food, and usually a football game on in the den. 

Even the year our roof caught fire (thanks to a faulty chimney) holds happy memories for me. We were scared, but everyone came together gathering up pets and hauling food to the neighbor’s house. I laugh thinking back to the argument between firefighters and diehard football fans who refused to evacuate until we assured them the neighbors had the game on. (They left at the next commercial. I’ve always marveled at the patience of the firemen trying to save our house).

In recent years, we’ve morphed to a quieter celebration, usually choosing a themed movie marathon (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel universe, etc.), our favorite junk foods, and popping champagne at the stroke of midnight. Then we kick off the new year with breakfast goodies while we watch the Rose Bowl Parade. Traditions matter, especially the tasty ones. 

This year, in addition to my theme word, I’m creating a gratitude jar too. Each day, I’ll toss in a note about something good that happened and at the end of the year I’ll have a reminder of those wonderful moments.

Live the adventure!

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