Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Miss Adventure by Geralyn Corcillo - $0.99 Goodie!

Miss Adventure by Geralyn Corcillo
$0.99 or FREE for Prime Members

All Reader Reviews appreciated! Miss Adventure has been previously published as She Likes It Tough and She Likes It Rough by GVR Corcillo.

When a freak fast-food accident almost kills dayreaming city girl Lisa Flyte, she decides it's time to get a backbone and really start living out loud. But how is a shrinking violet like Lisa supposed to get tough all of a sudden after a lifetime of watching from the couch? Jack Hawkins, that's how. When Lisa finds out that the outdoor extremist needs a clueless urbanite to test his top-secret line of idiot-proof adventure gear, she gets the most outlandish idea of her life: she will be his undercover test dummy if he helps her become brave on their adventures in the wild. 

They strike a deal. Lisa survives the treks, jumps, and dives (barely!) But can she use her bumbling...uh, blossoming outdoor moxie to become the alpha hero of her everyday life? Will she find the grit to pursue a career she really wants or the nerve to stand up to her bullying family? And will she get gutsy enough to go after Jack? He's a man who's not afraid of anything...except maybe falling for Lisa.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Girl!! When you read and reviewed my book last year, you said the most amazingly complimentary thing you could say to a writer, and I quote you all the time for this gem: "Corcillo does an amazing job at showing what's happening, rather than just telling. If you love romantic comedies, I recommend reading this one." My mission with this book has been accomplished! :)


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