Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Great Big Fairy (The Fairies Saga Book 4) by Dani Haviland

The Great Big Fairy (The Fairies Saga Book 4) by Dani Haviland
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Benji, the 6'7" good-natured former wrestler and handy man is also an 18th century time traveler, stuck in the 21st century. His new friends help him adjust, but make sure he doesn't find out he's supposed to be a fictional character.

Benji returns to the 18th century and now owns a very tall, very stubborn female slave who doesn’t--or won’t--speak English. She isn't a problem, but others, jealous of her strength and size, are.

Life gets complicated for Benji and his new lady friend. They've returned through The Trees to the 21st century, but can their relationship handle the 20-pound surprise awaiting them?


Naked in the Winter Wind How it all began. Where, and when, was she? And was this mountain man really her husband? Life in the Revolutionary War era is tough for Evie, dealing with kidnappers, a cougar, and near starvation. She’s pregnant and abandoned. Will she make it? After she gets a new man in her life and a roof over her head, she's challenged by a phony Redcoat captain who threatens her fiancĂ© and her babies?

Ha'penny Jenny (a novella) ~ Evie has adopted sweet little Jenny. The young psychic will do anything to help her new family, but will it be enough?

Aye, I am a Fairy ~ A solar-powered smartphone has hitched a ride from the the 18th to the 21st century. Will it make a difference in two stranger's lives? And who is this good-looking British lord who has a great big secret?

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