Thursday, January 1, 2015

Today’s Thoughts and Beliefs are Our Future by Carrie Louise, author

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During 1985, I began reading and hearing that each person's day, indeed their life, was the result of their thoughts, their thinking, their mind. The bottom line was presented as 'we are each responsible for what happens in our life'. Today, I totally, without reservation, accept this to be true.  
Louise Hay's work using positive affirmations to heal physical symptoms has been paramount in my life over the years. I have made wonderful changes for my body's health by doing this work. Dis-ease has almost become a thing of the past.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East has become my truth. My focus is based on their teaching that God created only perfection, only good, only happiness. Mankind has created everything that is not. How I think about life is what creates my reality. Everything!! The concepts of sin, bad, and sickness are all from thought. I believe these concepts are used for gaining control of others. 
Group beliefs, needs, actions create group reality. One person upgrading their thoughts, beliefs, and actions within any size group changes the group's energy pattern. Hearing that a large storm is coming can be greeted by the fear of or the loving, healing, gentle thoughts about that storm. The intensity of the storm is affected by group thinking. Say what you will, this is the power that God gave mankind in order to create life on earth as it is in heaven.
PS: Avoid sources of biased group-generated mentality. 
Taking this one step further, 'flu season'. Why? Not because God created germs. So if we can agree that mankind created this concept, why? To get attention in times of needing attention? To escape a situation? So that those who attain self worth when healing others can maintain that self-worth? So that drug companies can maintain their billion dollar industries? So that we can take sick days from work when one personal day pampering our self would probably be more productive? What would happen if we were only seeing advertising promoting natural ways to maintain health rather than drug related advertising? Where would the 'flu season' be?

I see my life as absolutely perfect - right now. This gives God a happy vision to follow when helping me create tomorrow. I know that tomorrow will be even better than today. Do I have some tweaking to do? Yes. Baby steps while holding perfection in mind is my personal route to take.

I trust the review of the past five or more years in your life also reveals the perfection of cause and effect. Changing beliefs will change a lifetime. 

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