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Too Far Gone (Dangerous Protectors Book 2) by Debra Webb and Regan Black Excerpt

Too Far Gone (Dangerous Protectors Book 2) by Debra Webb and Regan Black

Actress Lauren Marie Woods just witnessed her agent being murdered. Now his murderer wants her dead and the police want to pin a murder rap on her. Lauren needs the kind of help only the Guardian Agency can provide. 

Protector Mike Stone is jaded when it comes to actresses and to Hollywood. But one thing is certain, Lauren Marie Woods is going to end up dead without his help. The only question is whether the former Navy SEAL can guard his heart from the beautiful actress. 

Lauren will have to give the performance of her life to survive and, more importantly, she has to trust the man who makes her want far more than just his protection. 

When there is no one else to turn to and no one else to keep you safe, a Dangerous Protector is the man you want for the job.

Available January 22, 2015

Wilshire Boulevard Police Precinct.

“That’s it?” As exhausted and emotionally weary as Lauren was, she somehow managed to feel stunned at the detective’s seeming indifference. “I’ve spent the last three hours explaining to you how two men killed Desmond and probably the woman in his office. I’ve given descriptions to your sketch artist. I’ve cooperated with your every request, including having my hands checked for gunpowder residue. Now you expect me to just walk out of here as if two killers aren’t looking for me, and to be available in case you need me for further questioning?”
This was insane!
Detective Randolph Treadwell shrugged. “If anyone gives you any trouble—“ he nodded toward the business card she held “—you give me a call.”
“The killers saw me and chased me,” she repeated, anger and fear churning wildly inside her. “They know who I am. How long do you think it will take them to find where I live?”
Treadwell leaned back from the interview table. He’d long ago loosened his tie. The off-the-rack suit was rumpled from his long day. Everything about the middle-aged man screamed impatience. He was ready to go home and Lauren was standing squarely in his way.
“Look, Miss Woods, you have my word we’re going to do all we can to find your boyfriend’s killer. But the fact of the matter is, unlike TV cops, our resources aren’t unlimited. If you need us, you call and we’ll be there. That’s the best I can do at this point.”
Lauren stood. “Fine.”
Treadwell pushed back his chair and stood as well. “If you recall anything else, you be sure to let me know. And don’t leave town. We may need to question you again.”
“Wait.” Lauren shook her head. “What about the woman? Who was she?”
He scratched his head. “I guess I forgot to mention that the only body we found was your boyfriend’s.”
“That’s impossible. The man who ordered Desmond’s murder, ordered his thug to shut her up.” Had there been a third gunshot? When she’d started to run she hadn’t looked back. Was it possible they hadn’t killed her? The bottom dropped out of Lauren’s stomach. Had she left that woman to fend for herself?
Treadwell shrugged. “We found no indication that anyone else was in that office.”
Lauren gritted her teeth to prevent ranting at the man. He’d made her relationship with Desmond sound sleazy and managed quite well to make her feel like the scum of the earth. Now he was accusing her of lying. She got the distinct impression he’d saved this bombshell just to get her reaction. “Are we done here?”
“For now. Officer Cooper will see you to your car.”

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Live the adventure!

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