Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wash by Lexy Timms and Sierra Rose

Wash by Lexy Timms and Sierra Rose

Can a painful past be washed away?

2 stories. 2 loves. 2 leading women with painful pasts.

Can love conquer all? Holding onto past pain and anguish is torturous, it will never allow the emotional scarring to go away. Clinging to the past will never change your present. You have to let go so you can move forward with your life holding your head up high.

In book 1, Ashly is haunted by her ex’s actions when he dumped her at the altar.
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In book 2, Charity has a rocky relationship with her father and tries to put the past behind her when she meets the sexy new chief doctor at her father's hospital.
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** These are NOT Erotica. They're Romance and love stories. **
* These are Part 1 of each series.*

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