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Wings, a Cinderella, P. I. Novel (The Cinderella, P. I. Mysteries Book 3) by Juliet Kincaid

Wings, a Cinderella, P. I. Novel (The Cinderella, P. I. Mysteries Book 3) by Juliet Kincaid
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Wings, a Cinderella, P. I. Novel
Book Two of the Cinderella, P. I. Saga

Like Walls, the first of the two books in the Cinderella, P. I. Saga, Wings isn’t for kids. It’s not a fairy tale. It isn’t about happily ever after. It’s a story of a woman who must become a hero to save her loved ones and her land.

Weakened by months of abuse, both direct and insidious, Cinderella has escaped the cold, bare walls that confined her for so long. She flies home on Mother Goose in search of Prince Charming, who has disappeared, and their sons, who’ve gone missing as well.

Am too late? she worries. Too late? Too late? Too late?

Once at home, she meets old enemies and confronts many dangers. The man who claims to be the King’s long lost brother has built a trap for her inside the Royal Palace where he holds the King captive. The King’s brother also hints that an apple Ella ate while imprisoned has poisoned her in some evil way. A dragon attacks her. Her stepmother and stepsisters accost her, too, though with words instead of flame. Some unknown enemy has turned Sophie, Ella and Prince Charming’s daughter, into a violent changeling. And something has happened to spring so the people throughout the Kingdom of AzureSky face famine and starvation.

Yet Ella has allies, both old and new. She has her sense of humor, skills of detection, and her loving heart to help her.

With these, does Ella have the strength to prevail over her enemies, both known and hidden? Will she rescue her sons and remove the curses cast on them? Will she restore her daughter to the sweet little girl she was? Will Ella find Prince Charming? Will she survive all the dangers her enemies throw at her and return spring to the land at last?

Or is she too late?

You will find the answers to these questions within the pages of Wings, a Cinderella, P. I. Novel.


But what was that sound I heard along with the sleet?
A tapping at the windowpane.
A pounding.
A voice crying in the storm, “Let me in, darn it. It’s horrible out here. It’s cold. It’s wet. My wings are icing up. I don’t know how much longer I can keep myself aloft.”
The window glass squeaked against the palm of my hand as I rubbed the moisture off. Outside a white shape about the size of Sophie’s doll bobbed up and down. “Let me in!”
“Oh, my!” I unlatched the window. I pushed it up. And a little fairy dressed in white flew in on wings that moved so fast they blurred. “Tooth Fairy? We thought you were dead.”
“Where is it?” Tooth Fairy said. She whizzed over to the chest of drawers and tugged at the middle drawer. “Is it in here? I know you have it. And shut that window. It’s freaking cold in here.”
“Oh, right.” I turned back to the window and pulled it closed.
“Is it in here?” Tooth Fairy said, hovering above the trunk at the foot of the little bed.
“Is what in there?”
“I saw all those guards sleeping outside. I know you have it somewhere.”
“Oh,” I said. I pulled out the pink and white magic wand I’d been using to put inconvenient folks to sleep since my return to Sapphire City from the North. “You mean this?”
       “My wand!” Tooth Fairy flew across the small room so fast her little wings blurred. She snatched the pink and white wand out of my hand. “At last,” she said. “At last.” She kissed the wand and pressed it to her chest. “I’ve missed you so much. I’ve pined for you.” She flew around in a circle. She held up the wand. “We are so behind on our caseload. Months and months. We’ve got a ton of kids to see. Oh my gosh. We’ve got to get going right now.”
“No, wait! I need to ask you–”
“And you!” She darted right up to me. “I saw a bunch of men asleep when I flew in. Did you use my wand on them?”
“Well, yes, I did. What’s wrong with that?”
“I thought so. Don’t you know there are side effects when you use a wand like mine on grown-ups?”
“What sort of side effects?”

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