Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Claiming Their Royal Mate: Part Three by Andie Devaux Excerpt

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Daniella thought that getting her lover back would fix things—that she could finally take a moment to come to grips with her new reality. But her hopes are dashed when they arrive at her new home in the weretigers’ territory. Because something inside Owen has changed, and Erick avoids her like the plague.

But settling into a new home is the least of Daniella’s worries. Because the stalker has a taste for Owen’s blood, and she won’t give him up so easily…

Claiming Their Royal Mate: Part Three is a novella, and it is the third entry in a four-part sexy, m/f/m serial. The story contains erotic situations and is intended for mature readers.


Erick was going to die.
Somewhere in the back of his mind, his father screamed.
About duty. About protecting the clan. About his idiocy.
The unbendable man, his face and body and mind scarred from the decades he’d spent out in the world. From the years he never spoke of before he found their little clan and wrested it from its prior prime—from all accounts, a man even harsher than Erick’s father— he would never have approved his son’s decision to come after Owen. Faced with the same situation, Erick had no doubts as to what his father would have done—dragged Daniella to their home in the mountains the day he’d found her, with or without her consent.
And if he’d somehow landed himself in this situation—with his second kidnapped by vampires—he would have let the man die. He never would have trusted the wolves to help.
But Erick couldn’t walk away. Because Owen was his friend. Hell, Owen was his only friend.
His lip turned into a snarl as he circled the stalker, and she grinned, flashing the stunted teeth that marked her the most dangerous of vampires.
No, his father wouldn’t have found himself in this situation, because his father didn’t have any friends. And it was only through the grace of the man’s inattention that Erick found himself with another person he cared about nearly as much as his clan.
The stalker smiled, and Erick closed his eyes. A brief blink to push his tiger form into the forefront of his mind. The barest of a second to change form. And when his new eyes opened, she was there. Taller than his new form, lips curled in amusement.
A snarl, then he flew at her. But she was already in motion, so quick that even he had trouble following the movement. Claws grazed the material of her shirt, and then she was behind him. He whirled around, expecting an attack. Instead, she winked.
The stalker was playing with him.
Anger spiked at the realization, and he flew at her again, gnashing his teeth and swiping his paws in a vain effort to strike the impossibly-quick moving vampire. If he could get her with his teeth, the paralytic toxin might slow her down enough for him to take her, but she was too fast.
Silly kitty,” she purred.
She was playing with him, all right. Goading him into exhausting himself. The smart thing to do would be to try to run. But they’d lose Owen. Not only Owen, he’d lose Daniella, too. Why would she stay if Owen was gone? The thoughts sent a spike of pain through his chest.
No. He wasn’t running. Hell, he was pretty damn sure the stalker wouldn’t let him if he tried. If he had to go down today, he’d go facing his enemy.
As if she could see his thoughts, hear his decision, the stalker’s smile widened, and her stance relaxed just the slightest bit. “Good kitty.”

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