Sunday, February 8, 2015

Free eBooks for February 8th

Snuffy and the Vroom Vroom: A Tale of Courage, Magic and Love for Children of All Ages

An adorable little vacuum cleaner's life is turned upside down when his beloved brother is purchased--and he's left behind at the store. Just when his heartbreak seems too much to bear, a magical friend arrives. She breaks the spell of sadness and sets in motion a chain of events that cause a surprising serendipity!

This book is beautifully illustrated with 16 full-color illustrations by award-winning artist Sheila McGraw, illustrator of the children’s classic Love You Forever. Suitable for boys and girls, age 3-7, bedtime stories, reading aloud and beginner readers.

Twin Hearts: A Christian Romance Novel by JoAnn Durgin

Joshua Grant is a man redeemed. He's worked hard to put the past behind him. A mergers and acquisitions attorney in a prestigious Baton Rouge law firm, he pours his energies into his career, hurricane relief efforts, and numerous civic and charitable causes. A near-fatal event in the life of a fellow TeamWork Missions volunteer prompts him to make some apologies, starting with his friend and mentor, Sam Lewis, Domestic Missions Director for TeamWork in Houston. It's been more than four years since the fateful events in San Antonio when Sam threw him out of the missions camp, and he's still haunted by the bittersweet memory of his final meeting with another TeamWork volunteer. When he also seeks her forgiveness, Josh gets the shock of his life. Could turning his deepest sin into his greatest blessing be God's answer for his hurting heart?

Rebekah Grant, Josh's twin sister, is torn between two men. Adam, a dashing British aristocrat, offers her a world of exotic travel, socializing with royalty, fabulous couture and the life of leisure. Then there's sweet Kevin, the strong, intelligent, faithful TeamWork member. Will the shy Louisiana lumber man ever take the step of faith to move their relationship to the next level? What Kevin lacks in terms of Adam's style and panache, he more than makes up for with heart-stirring kisses and soul-searching conversation. When Rebekah suspects Adam is planning to propose a second time, she knows it's time to make her decision. Juggling both suitors is wrong for so many reasons, but what's a girl to do if she wants to marry and have children in her lifetime?

When family tragedy strikes, Josh and Rebekah learn the true meaning and value of love, loyalty and what's most important in life. Leaning on the encouragement and support from Sam and Lexa Lewis and their TeamWork friends, both twins look to the Lord for His divine guidance. It's up to them to stake their claim on love before it slips beyond their reach, which means it's also time for a road trip from Louisiana to . . . the peace to be found in seeking and finding the sweetest desires of the heart.

Top Chinese Cooking Recipes by Mary Charles

Discover How Easy It Is To Cook Delicious And Healthy Chinese Meals Quickly & Easily!

By Reading This Book You Will Learn How To Make Chinese Meals for Lunch, Dinner, Salad and Soup

This Chinese Cooking Recipes Book Can Be Used by Beginners, As Well As Those Well Informed About Chinese Cuisine.

This book contains proven steps and Directions on how to prepare and enjoy delicious Chinese dishes right in the comforts of your own home. This book will help you cook easy Chinese dishes.

After reading this book you no longer need to spend a lot of money eating in restaurants to enjoy the amazing flavors of the Chinese cuisine. The recipes included in this book are very easy to follow and fun to prepare so you will not have any more reasons not to get started with Chinese cooking.

Most Chinese dishes are easy to cook, especially the common ones. They may look a bit difficult to prepare due to their presentation but believe me they are quite simple. The Chinese way of preparing their food only goes to show that they have high respect for food and they consider it very important. Their dishes are not only filling, they are tasty and healthy too.

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