Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lazar's Tempest (Jack Lazar Series Book 7) by Kevin Sterling

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Action and Suspense Have Never Been So Sexy
Readers say the Jack Lazar Series "is like James Bond Meets Fifty Shades of Grey"

In this seventh edge-of-your-seat thriller, Jack is in desperate need of a break and heads to Hawaii for a little fun and relaxation. But instead, he stumbles upon a malicious conspiracy against the US and finds himself sucked into the middle of the action. As the details unfold, it’s painfully clear that the threat is real, imminent, and horrifyingly lethal.

Could this be the end of the United States as we know it? Is there really a weapon out there, against which the country has no defense? Apparently so, and it’s up to Jack to stop it.

The problem is, NCIS and the police both suspect Jack is the bad guy in all this—a murderer with some sort of plot against the Pacific Missile Range Facility—and there’s a ruthless terrorist organization that wants him dead, too. Then, as if all that weren’t enough, add a raging hurricane, an infiltrated Navy missile cruiser, and a maritime war exercise to the mix.

At least there’s one bright spot. Enter Leilani, a stunning girl of mixed Chinese and American heritage who opens Jack’s eyes to new experiences and extraordinary ideas about sex. But when she’s taken away by the worst terrorist of them all, can he possibly rescue her?

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