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My Path to Happiness - Part 1 By Author Carrie Louise

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When I was about ten-years old, I met the person who I would most admire for years to come. She was the daughter of my parents’ friends, a young woman I would meet once for a few hours and remember always. She was self-assured, happy, and radiated love and acceptance. I spent years wondering how I could achieve my dream of growing up to be like her.

While preparing LIFE, SOUL BEING SOUL books to share with you, I’ve tried to put together how I was able to achieve the majority of this goal. I’ve known many people who live life as a ‘victim’ and blame others, fate, or God for their unpleasant circumstances. They don’t feel worthy of the good life has to offer. And, like a magnet, their negative focus attracts more of the same. Fortunately, I’ve also known many who believe that only they create their life-events. They seem to be living more connected with their soul. They are content, healthy, and getting as much good from life as they are willing and able to create and receive at the moment. I am blessed to be a member of this second group, believing that timing is perfect, my life is the result of my thoughts and choices, and life gets better with each event. Even the ‘bumps’ are positive!

The following are the ‘in-my-face’ growth and change motivators of my life and how they have affected my choices. The Silva Method was my starting point. The power of thought, of connecting with and using the mind, became important. I learned to work with the levels of consciousness and became aware of the truth of the phrase “self fulfilling prophesy”. I began to consciously focus my mind and eventually realized that trying to shed pounds while seeing myself as ‘fat’, ‘fat’, ‘fat’ was counter-productive. The process had begun and the ‘victim’ excuse started to fade.

Then a co-worker told me, very gently, that a person who was ‘driving me crazy!’ might actually be a mirror of me. Because my reactions were so intense concerning the other person’s behavior, it was suggested that I accurately identify or ‘name’ their behavior and then match it with that same aspect of me. “Oh no, not me!” “I’m not like that!” “She needs to change!” It took painful soul searching to locate that same quality within me, agree that I, like everyone else, was doing my best at that moment, and decide that I wanted to be a better version of me. I’d been told that when I adjusted that specific quality in me, the other person’s mirroring behavior would disappear. And, if, after concentrated self-adjustments, that same behavior was still as irritating, it meant that I’d been taking an easier route toward change and needed to dig deeper. Using the gift of mirrors, I began the long road of no longer needing to ‘control’. I was learning to trust and let go! Once I experienced and verified the truth in this process, I knew for certain that I am the only person I can change. Over the years, the mirroring process alone has dramatically changed my role as victim.

I’ve lost track of the got-to-change mirroring life-teachers I’ve met or observed since then. I have learned that EVERYONE who seems irritating to me is a mirror of me to the degree that his or her behavior is an irritant. Because I’ve chosen to go within and re-define who I’d like to be, I no longer may blame, complain, be angry with, or be frustrated by the ‘negative’ behaving mirror-people in my life. Someone will always appear to help me! (About twice a year, I ask for ‘time out’. This can be challenging work.) A pleasant spin on this fact-of-life is that for all the beauty and positive qualities I see in life, these, too, are within me to share! Yes, that would be a beautiful me!
This ends Part 1 of ‘My Path to Happiness’.

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