Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Fool: Caitlin's Tarot Book 1 by L. j. Charles - $0.99 Goodie!


Barnes and Noble

You can never escape from murder...

 At least that's how it seems to Caitlin Connor. Blessed with funky DNA, she's able to see auras, read Tarot cards, and oh, yeah, she also packs the powerful ability to manipulate energy--the same energy that was instrumental in her mother's death.

 Ready for a newbeginning, Caitlin leaves her estate on the English Riviera in her aunt's
capable hands, and with a hefty dose of optimism, travels to Hawaii's NorthShore to practice her newly learned art of reading Tarot cards.

 Day one: Caitlin is faced with her personal prophecy. Day two: she trips over a dead body and hits the Honolulu PD's suspect list. Whoever said life in paradise was idyllic didn't
know Caitlin Connor.

 Can she find the killer and get on with living her dream, or will her future be limited to a jail cell? 

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