Thursday, March 12, 2015

Creating Stars by Author Peggy Webb

Books come to writers in many different ways. I’ve been inspired by songs, events, characters from previous books, even dogs (the Southern Cousins Mysteries). Once in a blue moon, someone special inspires a story that has to be told. As I watched my Aunt Maxine’s journey with her donor heart, I knew that someday her courage and gratitude would undergo the magical transformation that allows an author to spin fact into fiction.

Aunt Maxine became the world’s second longest living recipient of a donor heart, and she lived every day as if it were a gift. You’ll find bits and pieces of her in Stars to Lead Me Home. I hope you’ll find the best parts of her. She was a wonderful woman, and I am so blessed that she was part of my life.

But Stars is much more than a story about borrowed hearts. It’s about picking up the pieces after a long-time marriage falls apart. It’s about finding hope and home. It’s about finding love. But most of all it’s about the unbreakable bonds of female friendship that shelter us through every storm.

Maggie and her friends are people you know. They are the women next door you’d like to invite over for a cup of tea. They’re the kind of women you gravitate toward at parties and take shopping and sit beside at church and share your secrets with.

Early reviewers call Stars to Lead Me Home the “Must Read book of the year” and “the kind of book you can’t wait to share with your friends.” You can save forty percent by preordering. Once the book goes live, the book will go up to regular price. You’ll find more details on my website:

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