Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Grace Notes -sing the Fae home: Sing the Fae home by Marik Berghs



Lunabel O'Hara has a voice that can shatter glass, melt the fillings in the mouth of a bully or sing in the pure notes of a siren's song. But can she sing the true name of a missing Faery princess, whose being has been dispersed across dimensions, back together again?

Thorn hill exists at the edge of an ancient forest where the last of the Fae nations have created their Sanctuary.

Lunabel has spent her life trying to live under the radar. But her secret is threatened by the attention of an intriguing stranger, Jeremy Fields, a Fae who straddles two worlds. His power allows him to maintain a balance between the centuries-old prejudice of his people towards mortals and the dangers of the mortal world where he must win Lunabel's help. He will do anything to save his half-sister even trust a human.

In this fantasy series of blending cultures, and the shifting realities between things that are known and not yet known, trust must persevere despite taboos and fears of betrayal. And love must find a way...

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