Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hell's Blessing (The Hell Trilogy Book 2) by Martin Kaynan - $0.99 Goodie!

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Hell’s Blessing’s 96,000 words describe the events that cause a Vietnam veteran’s aging process to crash at age 22 and reboot at 54.

It’s 1969 in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. After an ambush, Navy SEAL, MEL STONE has a big problem. Four months after his 22nd birthday, his memory is gone. Scorpion venom, months of drowning in Asian herb therapy and a voltage tsunami have mutated his metabolism and genetic structure to bring his aging process to a screeching halt.

Word of his “blessing” has reached powerful men. Agents of the rich and powerful chase him over four continents. The grab him but can’t hold him. Guile, ingenuity, and brute force are the skill sets of the Navy SEAL.

The story changes from how he eludes his pursuers to the ingenious and brutal methods he uses to eliminate those who have tried to capture him and harm the love of his life

Fast paced, with intrigue, romance, and action, yet lightened by Nelson DeMille type flippant dialogue in the face of peril, Hell¹s Blessing describes the price paid by egos attempting to tamper with Mother Nature.


 “Talking about stallions, let’s take a shower because we’ve some catching up to do, my Italian Stallion. On second thought...no, you’re not an Italian Stallion. No, that’s not it. You’re a…wait. I’ve got it.  You’re a...a…Jewish…Jackhammer.”
Mel cracks up. “Oh Lord, what am I getting myself into?”
Moira thinks for a split–second.
She smirks...and then says,“Mmmmmmm…me.”
Mel falls to the floor laughing as he tries to step out of his pants.

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