Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Enchantment: The Channie Series, Book 1 by Charlotte Abel - AUDIO BOOK


Written by: Charlotte Abel
Narrated by: Elizabeth Phillips
Length: 10 hrs and 56 mins

When Channie Belks moves from her home in the Ozark mountains to a suburban Colorado high school, she tries to hide the fact she's a mage. It might have worked until her parents slapped a chastity curse on her for flirting with "dirty-minded, non-magical, city-boys." She can't even walk by a hot guy without zapping him.

There's a way to break the curse; but one mistake could kill her. It's not worth the risk. Until she meets Josh...a BMX champion with a dazzling smile, washboard abs and the bluest eyes she's ever seen.

Suddenly, the threat of death isn't such a deal-breaker.

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