Sunday, May 10, 2015

Children’s Books about Baseball and Baseball History

Baseball season is here! Little league, minors, MLB – you name it, people are enthused. And even better? Baseball season is a fantastic opportunity to fuel the reading fire by giving your kids a chance to read about the sport they love. It’s easy to sneak a little reading time in when the subject is something your kids are fascinated by. Toss them on an eReader and your kids will be busy between activities all summer long.

Pete the Cat: Play Ball!!: My First I Can Read

Your youngest readers (preschool through second grade) will appreciate the ongoing adventures of Pete the Cat as he learns to play baseball. Written by James Dean, this book depicts what it’s like to learn from a not-so-perfect game; an excellent way to talk about sportsmanship and having a good attitude. The images are simple and the text is large, making it easy for new readers to follow. $4.99 on Amazon.

The Everything Kids Baseball Book

The Everything Kids Baseball Book peels away the layers of the game and answers just about any question a kid might have about baseball, history, and how the game is played. The book covers professional baseball, college baseball, players, teams, ballparks, the different leagues, and even fantasy baseball. This book is excellent for kids ages 7-12. $7.49 on Amazon; free for KindleUnlimited subscribers.

Who Was Babe Ruth?

Written by Joan Holub, Who was Babe Ruth?, tells the story of one of the most well-known baseball players of all time. The black and white illustrations add a special quality to the story of a guy with a big heart and a huge talent for the game. This book is best for children ages 7-12. $4.34 on Amazon.


The Boy Who Saved Baseball

This book is geared towards the more mature reader in the 8-12 year old group. Tom Gallagher has to find a way to get Dande Del Gato to help coach his baseball team – and teach them how to hit - but Del Gato hasn’t spoken to anyone in years and a lot rides on the outcome of the game. If Tom’s team wins, Doc Altenheimer won’t sell his real estate, which just so happens to include the town baseball field. $7.59 on Amazon.

Hopefully these books will inspire your kids to not only have fun playing ball, but to enjoy some down-time with a good book as well. 

Do you have any favorite baseball books for kids? Leave a comment and let us know!

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