Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hell's Vengeance (Hell's Trilogy Book 3) by Martin Kaynan - $0.99!


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Two former Navy SEALs are on a vengeance motivated odyssey to find who gang raped, beat beyond recognition, and nearly killed the film industry’s current sex goddess with a massive heroin injection.

Her husband, Mel Stone, and her foster father, Bob Kinsdy, scour three continents to uncover the reason the assailants turned Moira Boyer, into a heroin addict.

With support in the form of a two million dollar reward, they find the “Why” that sets them methodically on a circuitous path after the “Who”.

"Why" and "Who" do not stand up in court on their own.
Incriminating court evidence requires a specific syndrome of components, a creative Prosecutor and testimony that makes the reader react with: “Bravo”.

The final volume of the Hell Trilogy takes you on a writhing serpentine theme park type adventure. You become captive to a world of violence, the horrors of a drug addict's cravings and some highly innovative interrogation techniques Dick Cheney would applaud.

It ends in justice–real justice-for those who genetically believe feral emotions running amuck are vengeance free.

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