Saturday, May 16, 2015

MOTHERS AND STARS: Guest Post by Author Peggy Webb

My mother not only shaped me, but she had a huge impact on my career.

Books were almost sacred to her. Around our house, the only legitimate excuse for getting out of chores was to say, “I’m reading.”

My love of reading, handed down by Mama, inspired me to become a writer. She used to travel with me to conferences and sit on the front row during my workshops, beaming while I stood at the podium and said, “I’ll answer any questions you have except those about writing love scenes. 

Mama’s in the audience.” She loved it when my colleagues and more than a few fans started calling her Mama. 
The closest I’ve ever come to putting a real person in one of my books was the Mama character in Driving Me Crazy. Everything about that feisty, courageous, independent character was my own mother. The only difference between her and her fictional counterpart was that I kept Mama alive in the book. 

Though Mama has been gone a very long time, she influenced me once again in my latest women’s fiction novel, Stars to Lead Me Home:Love and Marriage. All three of the feisty, courageous protagonists are a nod to her. When Maggie moves Heaven and earth to win back her older daughter, shades of my own mother shine through.

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