Sunday, May 31, 2015

Soul of the Sun by Vesa Lumielle Excerpt

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"Soul of the Sun" is a Magical Voyage of the soul. An adventure across time and dimensions.

Readers travel into a poetic landscape, breathe and rest in Atlantis and remember the Sun.


Sapphire of Sirius

Sapphire of Sirius
In a chamber of creation
I let love be near.
Eyes so dear, watching near
Symbols from stars beyond.

Carving the blue whisper in my wind
A dear so near, holding the flame close-by.
Rays of stars, in symbols of soul stars
A whisper of real.

About the Author:

Vesa M. Lumielle calls himself a mystical traveler who enjoys poetry. Well, he has used his words & experiences beautifully through the poetry& the story behind,in “Soul of the Sun”, letting readers go on with the flow of the words & be a part of his journey through poetic landscapes & much more. Life cannot be planned in advance. It’s our calling, which takes us through the journeys we make in our lives. Vesa Lumielle has chosen a handsome flow of words to beautifully describe that how our fear driven mind keeps holding us back from letting ourselves go with the flow in life.

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