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Take a Fun Quiz from Mating Dance by Maria Grazia Swan


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Mating Dance is not a step-by-step manual on how to disco or merengue. It’s a chronicle filled with tales of love in unexpected places, stories of women with secret pasts, and yarns about men who don't know what’s good for them or even what they want. Add to that a bit of tantalizing celebrity trivia and Cosmo-esque quizzes, and you will agree Mating Dance is the perfect read for lying by the pool, while peering over the top of the page, scoping out your next partner—the perfect inspiration to kick-start your own Mating Dance.

No book on love would be complete without a quiz, so here it is. The quiz is about you and what you’ll do for love. Take a seat, grab a pen and take a stroll down the magical avenue of What If.
1. You’ve received the announcement for your high school reunion in the mail. You:
a)      Decide to move to New Guinea; you understand mail travels slow there.
b)      Can’t decide if you’ll go. Could you pimp a ride there and back?
c)      Immediately call your plastic surgeon, the beauty salon and Weight Watchers.
d)     Wonder if that geek you had a crush on will be there, more important, would he remember you?
e)      Think, “Great, I’ll have a chance to catch up with old friends.”
2. You no longer live in the same state where you went to high school so you think to yourself:
a)      Like I’m going to blow my money to go see some losers?
b)      Time to call in some past due favors and get a free bed, breakfast, and, who knows, a little sex?
c)      Whoa, if I work out a little harder I can wear that new sexy outfit.
d)     I need to find out what the weather is like there; I may want to splurge on a new coat.
e)      If I do go, do I need to reserve a room at a local hotel? How about room sharing?
3. As the reunion day approaches, you ask yourself:
a)      Can you imagine that? They want the money in advance?
b)      Maybe I can borrow my friend’s evening gown?
c)      Is this the perfect time to try that hairdo I’ve always dreamed of?
d)     Should I send a check or use a charge card?
e)      Should I offer to help with the planning?
4. You’ve paid the fees and committed to go, now you say to yourself:
a)      What was I thinking? Can I rent a date?
b)      Okay, maybe I can buy a new outfit, leave the tags on and then return it.
c)      I love my new hairdo I think it makes me look ten years younger.
d)     Gee, what if there is a storm and the plane can’t take off?
e)      I’ll make copies of our last class photo and bring one for everybody.
5. One week to go and counting:
a)      Okay, okay, don’t panic, I can always back out at the last minute.
b)      There is no way I’ll get away with this. How about a corsage to hide the tags?
c)      I think I’ll have some fake eyelashes put on; they look so good on the “Desperate Housewives.”
d)     To whom did I lend my suitcase? Or was I the one borrowing it?
e)      Whoever invented High School Reunions deserves a monument.
6. The big day is here. You sign in and get your nametag while musing:
a)      What nerve, how can they not remember my name?
b)      I’m glad I’m here, even if it did cost way too much.
c)      Everybody is looking at me; you think they know I’m wearing silicon bust enhancers?
d)     What’s for dinner, and whom can I sit with?
e)      See how great we all look? And so many of us are single again!
7. The party is over, time to say goodbye, you;
a)      Swear this is the last high school reunion you’ll ever go to.
b)      Make sure you have all your receipts for taxes—you did talk business after all.
c)      Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so tipsy and sung “Memories” to my classmates.
d)     What do you know, the former geek is a dot-com. magnate, and he remembered me. And we exchanged phone numbers.
e)      What a wonderful group of people, and how some have blossomed. I was hoping to rekindle an old flame. Oh well, maybe next time.
Here is how you score the quiz:
Every A answer is 0 points
Every B answer is 1 point
Every C answer is 2 points
Every D answer is 3 points
Every E answer is 4 points
If you scored between 20 and 28, you are whatever you want to be, trendsetter, lover, reluctant learner. Perhaps you tend to grow tired of the same interaction and you need constant excitement to keep you interested. Because you are a great mix of the three categories, you are able to attract a variety of lovers. The problem is: you seem to always search for more. This could be due to your quest for the perfect, yet elusive relationship; think soul mate, or just plain boredom. Father time hasn’t slowed you down. Could true love do?
If you scored between 13 and 20, you are definitely a trendsetter. You also have what it takes to make a good lover. The question is, do you want to? It seems as though you are so used to creating your own entertainment that you don’t always yearn for companionship.
If you scored between 9 and 13, you are in touch with your body and your needs. You are indeed an reluctant learner by nature and you are ready not only to love but most important, give love. You’ll never be lonely or alone; love is with you when you are up and when you are down. You spread hope and goodwill.
If you scored between 6 and 9, you are a combination of lover-trendsetter.
Both traits are equally balanced. Problem is, you are not comfortable with the combination, and you feel compelled to be one or the other. My question to you is, why? Relax and believe me, in this case; more is better.
If you scored 5 or less, you are a lover in disguise. Sure you put up a great front, that’s in self-defense. You’ve been hurt and you don’t want to see that happen again. Underneath all that acting, there is a very nurturing soul ready to blossom.
Go ahead, let it be, the world could always use more love.

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