Friday, May 29, 2015

The Fearless Writer: Guest Post by Author Peggy Webb

When I’m not writing, I’m often reading. Currently I’m enjoying A Wide and Starry Sky, a fictionalized account of Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island) and his American wife. Somewhere in this book I discovered that RL Stevenson was called fearless because of his penchant for writing not only novels, but poetry, fiction and nonfiction articles and even song lyrics. I wanted to stand up and shout, YES! I can imagine he felt the same sort of hemmed-in panic I get at the very idea of having to do only one kind of writing.

Like Stevenson, I’ve spent the last thirty years writing such a broad range of fiction it’s impossible to pen me down. Do I write comedy? Yes, indeed. I cut my teeth on romantic comedies. Mystery? You bet. I get to flex both my comedic and my sleuthing muscles in the Southern Cousins (available now) and the Magnolia Wild series (coming this fall). Straight romance/women’s fiction? Yes, again. All you have to do is scroll through my list of more then 75 books to find straight romantic fare such as The Donovans of the Delta series and The Dixie Virgin Chronicles. Romantic suspense? Witch Dance and From a Distance. Song lyrics? You’ll find some of them in The Sweetest Halllelujah.
That leads me to my first love, literary fiction. The Sweetest Hallelujah and The Oleander Sisters as Elaine Hussey. The Tender Mercy of Roses as Anna Michaels. The Language of Silence as Peggy Webb. All of them recent books. All of them the very best work I’ve done. Ever!

And yet, writing literary fiction is so very intense, not at all the kind of story I can whip out in a few weeks. In fact, it took me more then ten years to write The Sweetest Hallelujah! And so I balance the intense times by penning more light-hearted fare and editing/revising my early romantic classics so you can enjoy them in digital format.

My latest book is Stars to Lead Me Home, a women’s fiction novel that made me remember why I love writing. The central characters are three women who have been friends for so long they can finish each other’s sentences. I have good friends like that, life-long friends who love me no matter what, who celebrate the good times and dispense chocolate and hugs in the bad times. Don’t miss this book! It will make you giggle and make you cry. You’re going to recognize these women, and I think you’ve going to love them.

Pub day is June 4th. You can preorder Stars to Lead Me Home: Love and Marriage, June, 2015 and save 50%. Because I love my readers, I’m also offering it at that price (eBook only) for the first three days after it goes live! Learn more about it at my website, As always, thanks for reading!

Peggy Webb

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