Friday, May 15, 2015

The Hostage (RC Investigations Book 3) by V.R. Marks Excerpt

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"The best new romantic suspense voice of 2012!" ~Debra Webb, bestselling author of the Faces of Evil series

What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

Former Special Forces analyst, Eva Battaglia, used to be the hunter. Now, in the quiet town of Haleswood, SC she blends her linguistic and computer skills as the team analyst for RC Investigations. When someone from her Army days decides to exact revenge, she goes from being the hunter to the hunted in a matter of days.

J.C. (Carson) Morris is proud to serve his hometown of Haleswood as a sheriff's deputy. When asked to serve as Eva's bodyguard and keep both the threat and the assignment a secret from her, it's no hardship to stay close to her. But when a sniper shows up in Haleswood targeting Eva, the rules change.

In an attempt to buy time, Carson takes Eva to a safe house, but will their attraction for each other mean sacrifice and death or a happily ever after?

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"We have solid intelligence Eva Battaglia is being targeted by the Morcos family," Ross Carpenter said, as soon as the sheriff's office door closed.
Deputy Carson Morris glanced from Carpenter to the sheriff, wondering why he'd been invited to this private meeting.
"Morcos?" Sheriff Cochran's chair squeaked as he leaned back.
"They're international developers with sidelines in black market weapons and money laundering."
"What's their concern with Eva?"
Ross rubbed his forehead. "Years ago she worked a hostage rescue mission involving the owner's son and it didn't go as planned. We're tracking down those details. I'm hoping there's some place here in the court house where I can set up a temporary office for RC Investigations. That's safer than having her working alone in Columbia. It's not permanent. Just until we get this settled."
"There's office space up on the third floor," Sheriff Cochran said. "Let's go take a look."
Ross examined the area and paced the entire hallway, noting the elevator, main stairs, other offices, and fire stairs. "This can work."
Deputy Morris listened while Ross and the sheriff discussed Eva's schedule and responsibilities and managed to keep a straight face when Ross volunteered Eva's IT expertise to seal the deal.
"One last thing," Carpenter said. "I'd like someone assigned to Eva full time."
The sheriff groaned. "You know I don't have the manpower for that."
"Preferably Deputy Morris."
"She likes you," Carpenter said. "That's not easy to discern with Eva, I'll grant you that."
Carson held his peace, baffled by the statement. The woman was as prickly as a porcupine. From what he'd seen, getting shot last month had wounded her pride more than anything else.
"What do you expect out of him?"
"I expect you to treat this like undercover work, but you just have to be yourself. I need you to make sure she gets to and from work safely by either direct or indirect observation. If Rick or I hover, she'll bust us for it. And I expect you to inform me of any threats or suspicious contact."
He understood what might qualify as a threat, but suspicious contact? "Like what?"
"Morris, you were born and raised here in Haleswood," Carpenter said. "You'll recognize any strangers snooping around here, or at her room at the motel."
"True," the sheriff admitted. "But undercover is a tough thing to pull off in this town."
Ross grinned and clapped Carson on the shoulder. "You'll come up with something. It's not long term, I promise."
Carson glanced from one man to the other. He'd gone to high school with Ross. The sheriff had lived in the area all his life. All three of them knew there were no secrets in Haleswood. Undercover would be a unique challenge.
"It's not a typical assignment, that's for sure, deputy," Sheriff Cochran said. "But seeing as you're single, you're probably the person best suited to keep an eye on her without causing more problems."
"Stay close, be friendly," Carpenter said. "I'll let you know the minute we have the threat contained."

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-V.R. Marks

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