Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Last Divine (Divine Series Book 6) by Melanie Jackson

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'But Faustus' offenses can never be pardoned: the serpent that tempted Eve may be sav'd but not Faustus'.

Christopher Marlowe knew this only too well when he penned his famous play in the days when Elizabeth I was on the throne. His deal with the Dark Man to extend his life has had him wandering, rootless for centuries and has driven him away from normal society. As the millenium turned he was living in exile on an island in Maine in a fortress where the Dark Man's descendents couldn't find him.

Enter Edy Chenowth, a woman with a mission. Her grandfather has recently passed away and as a last gesture she wants to make the final issue of his magazine, Guilt-Edged Murder, the best it can be. To finish the story about the death of Christopher Marlowe, she needs to interview the reclusive Marlowe scholar who lives in seclusion in Maine. Nicholas Marley has not made her trip easy, but Edy is determined to find the answers her grandfather sought so she can print the memorial issue of GEM.

But on the island she finds that things are not what they seem and it gradually dawns on her that her host is far more odd and special than she had ever imagined. Giving in to the attraction that has made the separation of centuries mean nothing, their tryst is interrupted by the Dark Man's minions who are determined that this time, Christopher Marlowe will truly die.

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