Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Effortless by Marina Raydun Excerpt

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At 28, Helen longs to be effortless. Jamie looks it. Breaking a long-standing engagement, Helen at once knows what she has to do. She follows this enchanting stranger across the Atlantic, hoping to find more than temporary shelter and a distraction from her seemingly crumbling life when she gets there. Inevitably, the road for the two proves to be bumpier than Helen had ever imagined it could be. Along the way, she stumbles across unexpected discoveries about herself, as well as those in her life she's always thought she knew best.


"I’d heard a senior of mine, a beautiful Argentinian girl named Paz (Veronika’s visually improbable best friend), once say that relationships are like bogs, meaning that they grab ahold of you, limbs first, and hold on until you can’t move anymore—or rather, until you lose will to move at all. The unhappier the relationship, she was convinced, the deeper the swamp, the stronger its hold. Once habit takes over where love or lust had once been, we’re doomed, she’d summed up whilst perched on her desk one morning, on time for once, her heels swaying aimlessly every which way. “It’s all about addiction, guys! And addictions are tough to break.” In principle, it’s hard for me to agree on much of anything with a teenager, but, in the musty hallway of the building where I’d lived rent-free for way too long, I had to admit that, had I seen George’s smug but familiar face that morning, heard his fake but familiar guttural sobs at the sight of my departure, I’d lose will again."

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